Death Wish Coffee Company joins forces with FACEIT to keep gamers caffeinated

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Known as the “World’s Strongest Coffee,” the partnership marks the brands first move into competitive gaming as it look to energise the North American FACEIT community

Leading competitive platform for online multiplayer games, FACEIT, is excited to announce its partnership with Death Wish Coffee, a brand renowned for making the World’s Strongest Coffee. The partnership will be exclusively for US-based players and marks the brand’s first move into competitive gaming as they look to showcase their products to help gamers improve their performance and fuel their aspirations. Together, the brands will offer FACEIT CS:GO players new missions, community events and unique opportunities to win Death Wish Coffee.

With 20 million users and 40 million hours spent on the platform each month, FACEIT houses the largest competitive gaming community. From amateur to pro players looking to rise up the ranks and hone their skills, FACEIT hosts some of the biggest games in the world including; Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Dota 2, Rainbow Six Siege and more. The partnership aims to connect the community to a brand whose products are double the strength of the average coffee and designed to boost energy levels and enhance performance.

Death Wish Coffee products vitalise body and mind, to help players focus on the game, without added sugar and unhealthy side effects. Their Ready-To-Drink line includes a slightly sweetened cold brew, black cold brew, and the World’s Strongest Latte, which just launched in April 2021. All of their canned Ready-To-Drink products are USDA organic and pack 300mg of caffeine in a single 8oz can, the optimal fuel for any gamer to get the boost they need.

Death Wish Coffee has grown from a small business born out of the basement of a coffee shop, to winning an ad placement in the Super Bowl 50. In 2018 and 2019, the brand sent  their coffee to the International Space Station to fuel the astronauts, rocketing Death Wish Coffee from The World’s Strongest Coffee to the Strongest Coffee in the Galaxy. Boasting 15,000 stores across North America they are consistently ranked in the top coffee and grocery products on Amazon.

Now Death Wish Coffee looks to build their presence in gaming and will work with FACEIT to connect to their North American CS:GO community. Players will be able to take part in a series of missions, community nights and sweepstakes to win discounts and three months or one year’s worth of free coffee to elevate their game.

Jeff Ayers, Digital Media and Broadcasting at Death Wish Coffee comments: “At Death Wish Coffee, we are not just the makers of ‘the World’s Strongest Coffee’, we are a lifestyle brand. We want to fuel people’s passions from the moment they wake up and throughout the day, which is why we have chosen to partner with FACEIT, who have a strong community keen to improve their gaming performance.”

“As esports and gaming are becoming larger and more visible, we realise that gamers need two things: the fuel to keep gaming and a brand that is as bold as they are. Death Wish Coffee provides all of FACEIT’s community of gamers and esports players with both a great product and brand they can get behind.”

Michele Attisani Co-Founder and CBO of FACEIT comments: “Death Wish Coffee has a fantastic brand identity and mission that we feel aligns with our own values. Their approach naturally resonates with competitive gaming which can be high octane, energetic and fun. Most importantly their products don’t include chemicals. Our community competes together for hours at a time so it’s important that whatever they are picking up to eat or drink is as natural as possible.”

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