Decarbonization Solution Provider 3DOM Singapore unveils new name, “noco-noco”


noco-noco Pte. Ltd. (“noco-noco“) a Singapore-based decarbonization solution provider, announces their new company name today. The name noco-noco, a play on “no CO2,” affirms the company’s commitment to a truly “no-CO2” policy. Previously known as 3DOM Singapore, a subsidiary under parent company 3DOM Alliance Inc. (“3DOM Alliance“) of Japan, this rebranding to noco-noco marks a coming of age as the company moves to offer comprehensive solutions addressing decarbonization and environmental issues. Masataka Matsumura, CEO of noco-noco and President of 3DOM Alliance, has strengthened noco-noco’s team with the addition of 55 business professionals, IT personnel, and engineers from Japan to drive the business forward. Their new tagline “Driving a no-CO2 future with intelligence and heart” marks them as being at the forefront of technology and steering the movement towards decarbonization.

Redefining Batteries as a Social Infrastructure

noco-noco’s parent company, 3DOM Alliance, is a leader at the cutting edge of battery development. A deep understanding in this field has exposed an imperative to reposition batteries within society. noco-noco thus redefines batteries as infrastructure that optimizes data and power, rather than just storage devices for electricity use. noco-noco’s next-generation batteries have brains (intelligence) and will serve as Internet of Things (IoT) devices that are not “owned,” but “used” in a variety of applications, in which they collect data, optimize power consumption, and work as infrastructure to improve the efficiency of society as a whole.

Matsumura commented, “If we build an IoT platform, we will be able to increase the utilization rate of each and every ‘thing’ and ascertain the minimum number of devices required. We believe that we can reduce CO2 emissions through electrification and by increasing the overall efficiency of society using IoT. While IoT makes life more convenient, we must not forget that more IoT devices means more cloud usage, which will hurt the environment. We are unique in that we transform batteries, which will form the core of the IoT era, into an infrastructure, thereby solving environmental issues by operating IoT with the fewest possible devices and maximum utilization rate, without relying on the cloud.” In this way, noco-noco is an IoT company promising to change the decarbonization game.

A New Mechanism to Stimulate Sustainable Growth, in Which Longer-Lasting Products Generate More Revenue

“Since the Industrial Revolution, the economic system of mass over production and over consumption without sufficient regard for CO2 emissions is at the root of environmental issues. Energy policies cannot be short-sighted, and society must demand greater accountability from businesses to move away from the manufacture of short-lived products to curb CO2 emissions,” remarked Matsumura. “We still have a chance to prevent irreversible climate change. We want to advocate a new set of values that prioritizes long product life and create a new supply chain.”

noco-noco proposes a new “Data & Profit Sharing” (“DPS”) business model, which steers away from sales generated by large quantities of short-lived products to instead focus on extending the life of products which are provided to users as services. Information and profits are shared among companies that have contributed to extending product life. This business model not only creates a flat and open supply chain, but also has the potential to spark technological breakthroughs as information on usage and R&D is shared.

Introduce a Series of Implementable Decarbonisation Solutions, Before Time Runs Out for Our Planet

noco-noco has devised a platform based on the DPS business model that specializes in the creation and use of long-lasting products. The company plans to bring the concept to life through projects in Thailand and the Philippines starting in December 2022 and January 2023, respectively. noco-noco will also present a revolutionary IoT device that enables humans and devices to “freely” communicate at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2023 this coming January in Las Vegas. noco-noco will present its ideal vision for the world, marked by clear concepts for cloud repatriation and the democratization of information (individual ownership of personal information), to address the problems that may arise in a future where everything from homes to cities are made “smart.”

In deploying the platform, noco-noco will offer three closely intertwined solutions:

  • X-SEPA – 3DOM Alliance’s ground-breaking separator technology
  • noco-noco –  carbon-neutral leasing services for batteries and electric vehicles (EVs)
  • noco-noco+  a data-controlled, intelligent energy management system

noco-noco will offer revolutionary separator technology, the result of eight years of dedicated work by 3DOM Alliance, to various partners including battery and mobility manufacturers through the DPS business model. noco-noco will purchase batteries and EVs from those partners and deploy carbon neutral services progressively for battery first- and second-life use, then share the data collected through attached IoT devices with X-SEPA partners to further improve battery quality and lifespan.

In this way, noco-noco will shift to a circular model in which the optimal number of long-life batteries are maximally utilized, and profits are shared throughout the life of the batteries, thereby shifting away from mass production and mass consumption. “We believe that by offering a series of decarbonization solutions at no additional cost to users, we can breathe new life into slow-moving decarbonization efforts. We aim to bring together partners who share our vision and quickly work to transform supply chains and develop decarbonisation solutions that can be provided at no additional cost to users,” commented Matsumura.

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