EXCEL ESPORTS acquires assets from League of Legends e-learning platform Hitcap

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British competitive gaming culture brand EXCEL ESPORTS is pleased to announce that it has acquired assets from League of Legends e-learning platform Hitcap. As a result of the deal, EXCEL now has ownership of Hitcap’s e-learning product, social media channels and content archives. The acquisition allows EXCEL to accelerate its growth with a focus on the League of Legends community.

The acquired social media accounts which include YouTube, TikTok and Instagram have a combined 570,000 followers. EXCEL will use these to bolster its social media presence and provide its players, partners, community and ambassadors with industry-leading educational content. As part of its content strategy, EXCEL will rebrand and transform the accounts into its own dedicated League of Legends channels that will produce useful and engaging content for its followers such as guides, pro tips, and vlogs. Additionally, EXCEL now owns a data-driven e-learning platform that features in-game evaluation through API integration with the game client.

League of Legends is a longstanding part of EXCEL’s legacy with the organisation being one of the ten founding partners of the League of Legends European Championship. With this acquisition, EXCEL has the tools to provide its community with next-level content and experiences.

“We very much take a community-focused approach at EXCEL ESPORTS. Whilst winning is our biggest ambition, we love to share our experiences and game knowledge with our fans and the League of Legends community,” said Wouter Sleijffers, CEO, EXCEL ESPORTS. “When first speaking with Hitcap, we immediately realised the potential of our combined forces. I’m very pleased that we can now further level up our community through the high quality content from Hitcap!”

Philipp Kuenstler, former CEO of Hitcap, said: “Hitcap combines high quality video content with a data-centric approach, tailored specifically to the individual playstyle. We were able to use our talented production team to build a strong community on social media on top of developing the platform. The acquisition by EXCEL enables us to utilize more opportunities and synergies than we could have by ourself and I’m looking forward to levelling up together!”

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