Ezugi launches Royal Poker and strengthens an already strong poker offering

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The new game release from Ezugi moves the company into its next phase by adding unique features and several rules to the standard Poker game

Ezugi has today announced the release of Royal Poker. Since becoming part of the Evolution Group in 2018, Ezugi has moved into new geographical markets, and continues to build its reputation as a bold and agile provider.

Royal Poker is an exciting game played against the dealer using standard Poker rules for ranking and comparing hands. The game aims to beat the dealer’s five-card Poker hand by creating a stronger Poker combination. The game is hugely popular in Eastern and Central European markets, offering multiple opportunities during the game for players to make decisions such as: exchanging cards for a stronger hand, buying an additional 6th card, buying the dealer an extra card to help the dealer qualify, or taking out insurance for a strong hand.

The dealer needs a hand that contains at least an Ace+King combination to qualify. If a player has a strong hand, they can help the dealer qualify by buying an additional card. Players can even make a double Poker combination if the second combination contains at least one card that is not part of the first combination.

Royal Poker is streaming live from our state-of-the-art studio, run by highly trained and engaging dealers.

“While the roots of our new Royal Poker game have come from Eastern Europe, there’s no doubt that this Poker variant is becoming more and more popular across other parts of the world,” says Pang Goh, Business Development Director at Ezugi.

“Players are always on the lookout for something different, and with Royal Poker we wanted to adopt a live casino game based on poker hands, in which a player is playing against the house. This ramps the excitement around the game, encouraging players to experience a new spin on a classic variation. The choices that players must make during the game add an additional layer of complexity and challenge. These twists make the game such a joy to play, and we hope that players are going to appreciate the unique experience this game presents.”

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