MEDICALGORITHMICS secures FDA approval for DeepRhytmAI technology


It is a cloud-based Artificial Intelligence algorithm that classifies ECG signals. Without excessive human involvement, DeepRhytmAI is able to recognize a wide range of arrhythmia disorders for a more quick and accurate patient diagnosis. DeepRhytmAI is designed for use with the Company’s devices but can be integrated with solutions of other providers, as well.

Based on the Company’s data, once DeepRhytmAI is integrated with the next generation of PocketECG system (under development) it could cut down the work needed to classify ECG signal by about 50%.

“Our technology which we use to diagnose arrhythmias based on analysis of ECG signal data collected through our PocketECG device has so far been recognized as providing the highest arrhythmia detection rate. The cloud-based artificial intelligence algorithm DeepRhytmAI, allows us to take advantage of our proprietary technology to create an even better tool for both doctors and patients. In terms of technology our goal continues to be a new ecosystem that will integrate devices and software. The new platform called NextGen will provide patients and doctors with cloud solutions, new devices, technology and algorithmics that will enable faster and cheaper ways for patient diagnosis,” says Maciej Gamrot, Board Member and CFO, Medicalgorithmics S.A.

“Currently, technicians still need to be heavily involved in the key parts of the analysis process and that lengthens the analysis and increases its cost. However, thanks to DeepRhytmAI technology we will be able to automate an even greater part of the ECG analysis process to make it quicker. Perhaps it will not eliminate the human factor entirely from the ECG data analysis, but will significantly reduce human involvement and that certainly pleases our customers and business partners, and ultimately leads to better and faster patient diagnosis,” says Jaroslaw Jerzakowski, Board Member, Medicalgorithmics S.A.

DeepRhytmAI will be accessible to business partners who use its devices together with the next generation PocketECG system not earlier than in the second half of 2023.

Medicalgorithmics operates in the industry of advanced telemetry for medicine. The Group provides solutions for cardiac diagnostics, especially in the area of ECG signal analysis. Its services are available in several countries and continents of the world, including North AmericaAsiaEurope and Australia.

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