Fnatic Network partners with Shure Audio to show upcoming streamers how to get the best sounding start to their streaming careers

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  • Twenty-two Fnatic Network talents will showcase and stream using Shure’s innovative MV7 dynamic microphone; a new streaming powerhouse inspired by the company’s iconic SM7B.
  • With easy setup, the hybrid XLR/USB Shure MV7 is the perfect choice for those just getting started with streaming, but also versatile enough to grow with you as your audio demands change over time.
  • Fnatic Network provides education and tools for up-and-coming content creators to help boost their performance through a career progression programme that can help them secure a contract with the organization.

Started September 6th, twenty-two members of Fnatic Network’s diverse array of talent are partnering with Shure to showcase how to get “perfect sound from imperfect rooms” and stream with the new Shure MV7 Podcast Kit. This joint initiative between Fnatic and Shure aims to help new content creators face the common roadblocks that create barriers to streaming success, including distracting background noise.

Noting just how essential high-quality audio is for streamers and content creators, Fnatic wanted their first new partnership to be with an organization that actively supports the industry, commits to providing the very best industry-leading audio, and understands streamers’ demands of excellence. With the new MV7 Podcast Kit serving as the ideal audio solution for streamers, podcasters and musicians, Shure was the absolute best match. By tapping into the expert knowledge and tools from both Shure and Fnatic, emerging streamers can be champions in no time.

Compatible with virtually any gaming setup, the MV7 is easy to integrate into existing technology. The mic offers both USB and professional XLR output for use with interfaces, mixers, and professional audio equipment – making it an excellent multi-purpose solution for gaming and streaming. Equipped with built-in-digital signal processing, mobile, and desktop app control, plus hardware control, the MV7 has been specifically engineered to give Content Creators the most functional, professional streaming microphone.

Launched in April 2020, Fnatic Network offers budding and full-time content creators the opportunity to elevate their streaming capabilities. In July 2021 Fnatic Network went through some restructuring of it’s creator tiers and a move to offer Fnatic Network members a range of diverse brand building workshops, monthly Q&A sessions with Fnatic staff and coaches, as well as inclusion in Fnatic and partner campaigns.

Soraya Sobh, Head of Creator Management, has heard first hand from Fnatic Network talent on the early career challenges they face and is looking forward to the support that a partnership with Shure will bring to Fnatic Network.

“We’re thrilled to not only launch our first official Fnatic Network brand campaign but even more excited to announce Shure as the partner to do it with. Fnatic Network is laser focused on developing and educating talent at every level and that aligns perfectly with the Shure MV7 which provides a fantastic mic for levelling up any gaming set up. The synergy between both Shure and Fnatic Network was seamless and indicative of the type of activation we want to offer our talent.“

The campaign will include Fnatic Network Gold Tier talent, PilotCeeBee and Phyzik. Between just the two of them they have nearly 100k reach.

“A very good microphone is one of the most important things as a Content Creator or if you want to become one! I am a Shure fan for a long time now and really appreciate being a

part of this awesome campaign and being able to try out the new MV7!”  PilotCeeBee, Fnatic Network member

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