GameRefinery July Market review: Large-scale content updates in major mobile titles

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Several major mobile game titles saw music-themed content and events added. The most significant was PUBG: Mobile’s first in-game concert featuring K-pop stars, Blackpink. It brought an immense spike in revenue. This occurred because of a Cheering event where players could purchase or collect Cheer points through daily tasks, and once they had enough, they could purchase Blackpink outfits and receive a special title.

Diablo Immortal and Apex Legends: Mobile had their first significant updates in the US market. Diablo Immortal introduced the non-recurring Hungering Moon event, a new Battle Pass season, two new raid bosses, and a free class change mechanic. Apex Legends: Mobile announced a new season that added a new map from the console/PC version, an exclusive character, events, and cosmetics.

Additional updates in the US market include Brawl Stars implementing new skins designed by K-pop stars, BTS. Cookie Run: Kingdom collaborated with Disney for a Disney-themed event, and Genshin Impact re-implemented its Summer Fantasia event.

In China, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened introduced a 4v4 co-op Battle Royale game mode and a new permanent boost system. Ace Racer partnered with the Hainan Island province for its first-anniversary event that featured real-life money prizes and in-game rewards.

Diablo Immortal ranks within the top 2 grossing in China. League of Legends esports manager game Ying Xiong Lian Meng Dian Jing Jing Li ranks within the top 5 grossing and is perhaps the first mobile esports manager.

Music and summer-themed updates were especially prevalent in the Japanese market. Puzzle & Dragons added a BGM collecting system. Uma Musume Pretty Derby, Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage, and One Piece Treasure Cruise all held summer events and gachas.

Despite an apparently lacklustre launch in the Japanese market, the 4X strategy game Ant Legion enjoyed a spike in revenue in July and currently ranks among the top 110 grossing.

If you’d like more updates like this, you can find the bulletin on the GameRefinery website.

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