Huawei Launches the Latest CloudFabric 3.0 Hyper-Converged Data Center Network Solution, Unleashing Computing Power with New Ethernet


At the Huawei Industrial Digital Transformation Conference 2021, Huawei unveiled its latest CloudFabric 3.0 Hyper-Converged Data Center Network Solution. This future-proof solution is ideal for building lossless computing and storage networks based on an all-Ethernet architecture, and has been designed to unleash 100% of computing power. In addition, as an L3 autonomous driving network trendsetter, this solution also stands out by offering full-lifecycle network automation and network-wide intelligent O&M, reducing OPEX by up to 30% and empowering enterprises’ intelligent upgrades.

Kevin Hu, President of Huawei’s Data Communication Product Line, said, “Data center stores large amounts of valuable data. Data is the main production factor of the intelligent world. During digitalization of enterprises, we need to use data every moment, so data needs to be efficiently stored and transmitted. To this end, storage and network must highly collaborate in data centers.”

He continued: “most of the storage devices are all-flash, and more services are moving to the cloud. With these changes, data center networks are transforming towards all Ethernet. However, traditional Ethernet is now faced with multiple challenges, such as how to eliminate network problems caused by packet loss. These include losses of computing power and data as well as complex service deployment and network O&M.”

To overcome these challenges, Huawei has launched the latest CloudFabric 3.0 Hyper-Converged Data Center Network Solution. The following are just some of the innovations that separate this solution from the competition:

  • Ethernet for High-Performance Computing: Eliminates Ethernet Packet Loss and Unleashes 100% of Computing Power

Huawei has introduced an intelligent lossless (iLossless) algorithm to network connectivity, which dynamically adjusts parameter settings based on the real-time network traffic status to enable zero packet loss on data center networks and maximize computing power.

  • Active-Active All-Ethernet Storage Network: Enables Long-Distance Lossless Transmission on the Ethernet and Boosts Active-Active Storage Performance

Huawei has made a significant step forward in long-distance data transmission by unveiling the iLossless-DCI algorithm, which extends lossless transmission distances on Ethernet to a maximum of 70 km. Compared with conventional storage networks, this feature-rich active-active all-Ethernet storage network improves IOPS by more than 80%.

  • Full-Lifecycle Network Automation: Implements NaaS and Service Provisioning in Seconds

Huawei’s CloudFabric 3.0 also innovates with 3D modeling, which enables automated design and optimal recommendation of network solutions via multi-dimensional, comprehensive optimal solving. The resulting benefits include NaaS, service provisioning in seconds, and full-lifecycle network intelligence encompassing network planning, construction, maintenance, and optimization.

  • Network-Wide Intelligent O&M: Achieves Fault Self-healing and Ensures 24/7 Always-on Services

Huawei also ushered in a new wave of network-wide intelligent O&M by introducing knowledge graphs to data center networks, implementing rapid fault locating in minutes, and proactive prediction of up to 97% of network risks. Thanks to network-wide intelligent O&M capabilities, Huawei’s CloudFabric 3.0 enables a beneficial transformation from passive to proactive O&M, ensuring 24/7 always-on services.

This latest data center network solution is built on joint innovation between Huawei and global leading industry customers. Looking ahead, the trend towards energetic digitalization is truly revolutionizing networks. To keep pace, Huawei will continue enhancing network capabilities to maximize computing power and enable intelligent upgrades for enterprises of all sizes. To date, Huawei’s data center network solutions have been deployed in more than 12,000 data centers around the world, delivering optimal services to a wide range of industries, including finance, government, ISP, manufacturing, and energy.

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