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Sports gamification leader Low6 Ltd today announced that its fantasy app platform UltimateFan has broken through the 150,000 install mark, less than one year since launch. The Low6 UltimateFan app operates across a number of fantasy sports platforms featuring some of the highest profile sports and teams worldwide, including versions of the UltimateFan game for American football fans in the USA and soccer fans in the UK, as well as Ultimate Bengals (NFL Cincinnati Bengals) and Ultimate Jags (NFL Jacksonville Jaguars).

The Low6 UltimateFan app has revolutionised the standard fantasy game, offering users pack openings, fantasy points scoring and the opportunity to acquire non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The first UltimateFan product launched in line with the start of the 2021 European Soccer Championships. That app went on to become the number one top grossing sports app in the UK, and the number two most downloaded UK sports app within weeks of the start of the 2021 / 2022 professional soccer season commencing in England.

UltimateFan was then rolled out into the North American market for the start of the 2021 football season with co-promotional products being developed and launched for NFL franchises the Cincinnati Bengals and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Jamie Mitchell, Low6 CEO and founder, has cited UltimateFan’s community-first approach as the key success factor in the app’s exponential growth, and outlined how the app gained traction among consumers so quickly. “We’re disrupting the traditional onboarding customer journey and increasing retention and conversion rates by our forward-thinking approach to brand and marketing. By mobilizing a roster of YouTube influencers we have successfully tapped into and engaged with an avid Gen-Z and millennial audience. This strategy has created over five million views of our products that allows our ever-growing community to gain insight into the gameplay experience, learn about the best tips on how to win, and provide real-time reactions to the ins-and outs of pack drops. Our typical users are at home watching their favourite YouTube channels alongside their friends and the wider digital community, all while making their lineup selections alongside YouTubers. It’s this approach of accessible, on-demand digital content that sets Low6 apart from every other fantasy sports operator.”

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