MAD Lions partnering with Streamcoi to manage professional players live streams

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MAD Lions, a leading esports organisation, and Streamcoi, a platform automating stream management, officially announced their partnership. Streamcoi will enhance the team’s potential for displaying and managing content across pro-player’s streams.

The esports scene is one of the most robust, direct and engaging channels for reaching the younger generation. With more time spent watching live streams than television, Generation Z is one of the hardest groups to reach, even for leading brands. As a result, an increasing number of brands turn to esports to tap into youth culture. The teams use live streaming to communicate with fans, build brand awareness, sell merchandise or promote events.

These needs cannot be satisfied using manual stream management. Lack of tools helping to manage a growing portfolio of partnerships hinders the potential of live streaming as a source of revenue.

Partnership with Streamcoi enables MAD Lions to

Automate the stream management process.
Cutting the time needed to set up, modification and summarising campaigns from many streams at the same time.
Facilitate access to sponsored content, team assets, displays, artworks, clips and other elements
gives access to easily adjustable overlays in real-time
Send instant messages across multiple streams at once to effectively communicate with team’s community.
Access the statistics of each channel. This gives detailed insight in the performance and reception of any message or event MAD Lions presents on its live streams.
Manage the streams from a single dashboard.
Streamcoi allows MAD Lions to focus on the best performance and entertaining content, automating campaign set up.

“Our partnership with Streamcoi and the use of their platform enables our players and influencers to focus exclusively on delivering their best performance and providing entertaining content to our fans,” said Jorge Schnura, Vice-President of Strategy, OverActive Media. “It also gives us the ability to access detailed data and insights, allowing us to continuously evolve how we’re engaging with our community to serve up the best experience possible.”

“Players competing at the highest level rarely find time for streams, but when they do it’s a great opportunity to connect with fans in a break from official matches. It’s especially important that they don’t have to deal with overlays or other assets at such times,” said Jakub Janaszek, Product Lead, Streamcoi. “I am very proud that Streamcoi can help an organization as important as MAD Lions support their players and influencers while delivering effective action for their sponsors.”


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