MESI: Upcoming Effective Medical Assessment Conference to highlight predictive diagnostics as a way forward


The Effective Medical Assessment Conference on 11 and 12 October 2021 is dedicated to new-generation diagnostic developmentsThe focus will be on the latest AI innovation trends such as predictive medical assessment, based on data from diagnostic apps and patient history. Medical practitioners will share their experience with new all-round diagnostic tools in primary care, and industry experts their latest diagnostic solutions.  

The medical profession is more tested than ever. It is working hard to save lives, and can not do this without effective diagnostics. In primary care, diagnostic measurements are made with separate instruments, at separate doctor visits, in separate formats and at separate locations. The aim of the virtual Effective Medical Assessment Conference is to highlight the diagnostic innovations for bridging the diagnostic gaps created for these reasons.

The ample amount of the medical data collected by all-round diagnostic solutions like the MESI mTABLET, which enables a number of diagnostic check-ups on a single machine and can also be upgraded with numerous diagnostic apps, brings exciting prospects of future digital healthcare solutions. One of them is predictive medical assessment (PMA) by means of artificial intelligence. PMA will rely on digital data from diagnostic apps and patient history, helping to detect conditions early, predict future outcomes, and recommend actions, leading to a diagnosis in less time.

“Digital solutions like the MESI mTABLET help set early diagnoses and follow each patient in a comprehensive way. By means of AI, we will also be able to make timely, reliable predictions for further treatment,” says Jakob Šušterič, CEO of MESI, Ltd., sponsor of the conference.

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