Mine Hunter – an indie pixel roguelike dungeon action game is available on Google Play beta early access

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Loongcheer game just releases an indie pixel roguelike action game on the Google Play beta track as an early access game. (2021-11-10)
The game is developed by Korean indie game studio CindyZ and published by Loongcheer Game in the global area. (Besides Korea, Japan & Brazil)

Story of the game
Thousand years ago, the Abyss force created many unknown monsters who invaded the world. To defend home, all people united together to defeat these monsters. After a long hard struggle, those monsters were finally repelled and concealed deep under the ground.
One day, An orphan Marson accidentally fell into a mine and encountered many monsters. He was almost killed but luckily rescued by a hunter. Then his adventure begins… Marson decided to stay there and fight to keep the world peace. Help him on his adventure to stand against darkness and reveal the abyss force secrets.

A Dungeon Adventure with Classic Roguelike Features
The main goal in Mine Hunter is to clear monsters in the dungeon and finally defeat the Boss. The dungeon rooms are generated randomly. Every time you enter a stage, you may have a new surprise. At the start of the stage, you will get a random skill and a random artifact. As you progress further, you may acquire more skills and artifacts. However, notice that you have only 1 life in the dungeon. If you die in the dungeon, you will have to start the stage again. The restart chance is also limited daily.

Practice Makes Perfect, Improve Your Game Control
The battle of the game is in the scroll-like dungeon. You will control our hero to fight the monsters in the dungeon. The control is quite easy, with a panel to control left and right, and some buttons to control attack, jump, dodge, and the use of artifacts. But the question is, how do you survive in the dungeon and defeat the monsters of the stage with 1 life only. You may need to improve your control mastery in the game to pass the stages.

Strengthen Your Hero and Craft Equipment
There are ways to strengthen your hero. Firstly, you can add attributes to the hero in your way. Add more points to attack if you want to deal more damage and add more HP if you want to be safer. During your dungeon adventure, you may collect many materials from killing monsters and you can use them to craft equipment.

Exquisite Pixel Art Matches Roguelike Features
What’s the best match to a game with classic roguelike features? In my opinion, of course, it’s pixel art. Compare to other pixel art game, the pixel art quality of Mine Hunter is high. You can see the well-design pixel art and the nice portraits for main roles when you speak to them. Along with the exciting bgm, your game journey in Mine Hunter will be fantastic.

There are more features in the game to be introduced. Such as the artifact system, skill system, and the role switch system.
If you are interested in the game, be the early players to try the game and join the discord of the game to chat or feedback.


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