MSSA confirms entry to IESF 15th World Championships

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Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA), being the world’s oldest national federation for esports, and having participated in every IESF World Championships has confirmed that it has submitted an entry for each and every title. IESF’s 15th World Esports Championships (WEC) shall be held in August in Iasi, Romania.

Iași, also referred to mostly historically as Jassy is the second largest city in Romania and is known as the Cultural Capital of Romania and is a symbol of Romanian history. Lasi is still referred to as “The Moldavian Capital”, and is the main economic and business centre of Romania’s Moldavian region. In December 2018, Iași was officially declared the Historical Capital of Romania.

Romania previously hosted IESF’s World Esports Championships in Bucharest in 2013, and MSSA was able to put a very strong team into the field for League of Legends (LOL), Tekken Tag tournament II (female division), StarCraft, and Starcraft (female division),. The team was not only one of South Africa’s strongest ever fielded, finishing up as ranked 10th in the world, but also proved to be immensely popular.

Colin Webster, President of MSSA, stated, “MSSA’s entry reflects the confidence that it has in South African esports athletes. with teams and players selected to represent South Africa having to qualify for the 15th WEC, MSSA is confident that the majority of teams selected shall so qualify, and go on to represent South Africa with pride and distinction at Iasi.”

MSSA, in keeping with promoting all its esports athletes, has thus entered the following titles:

  • Counter-Strike: GO (CSGO)
  • Counter-Strike: GO (CSGO) – Female division
  • DotA 2
  • eFootball
  • Mobile Legends, Bang Bang
  • Tekken 7

Only Registered Players who have qualified through MSSA’s Regional, Provincial, and National Championship are eligible to participate in MSSA’s National Team Trials.

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