NetBase Quid Announces the Future of Continuous Consumer and Market Intelligence


NetBase Quid, a global leader in consumer and market intelligence, today announced new innovations to the AI-enabled continuous discovery and monitoring analytics platform. This unified platform delivers continuous intelligence for brands to stay ahead of consumer needs, what’s happening in their markets, and with their competitors.

The rate of change in the world today is unprecedented combined with the daily evolution of complex rapidly shifting values, needs and behaviors of consumers. Traditional analysis methods are no longer viable, and disjointed workflows impede the process of uncovering useful insights. The unified NetBase Quid platform delivers a simplified way to cut through the noise, improve productivity, and maximize impact. NetBase Quid announced the new suite and added capabilities during the first day of NetBase Quid LIVE Europe conference with industry experts, thought leaders and practitioners to realize the full potential of continuous consumer and market intelligence.

NetBase Quid’s announced new capabilities and innovations include:

  • Expanded data support: NetBase Quid supports premium news, patent, and company data, as well as new sources and expanded coverage for existing sources. The company is also the only certified Reddit data vendor on the market.
  • Expanded language support: With additional language support for premium LexisNexis news and Quid Social, customers can now analyze global premium news and social data together in the same Quid Social network.
  • Plug-and-play Zapier integration: Quickly share information between NetBase Quid and the library of Zapier-enabled applications, integrating data in minutes and automating repetitive tasks with access to more than 3,000 apps.
  • Innovations in artificial intelligence: With next generation AI, users can now leverage enhanced outlier visualization to surface emerging themes instantly, reducing time to produce insights.
  • Added support for Facebook paid posts: Track engagement and impact of Facebook marketing programs through added support for analyzing Paid Posts from owned Facebook fan pages.
  • Quid Social Explorer: Increase the value of analytics and insights throughout the enterprise by putting thematic discovery and conversation clustering in the hands of more users.
  • Modern UX: NetBase Quid is delivering an innovative user experience to enable increased efficiencies and even deeper insights.

“NetBase Quid has always provided the richest data with the broadest coverage, and these latest updates and innovations further demonstrate that continued commitment,” said Paige Leidig, Chief Marketing Officer of NetBase Quid. “We’re excited to announce our latest innovative market intelligence tools at the conference, which will bring together the biggest changemakers in the industry to learn about the future of continuous consumer and market intelligence.”

Through 7 and 8 of July, 2021, NetBase Quid LIVE Europe is featuring industry experts highlighting the strategies and tactics for attendees to understand the value of consumer and market intelligence for their business, hear how successful brands utilize data-driven insights to their strategic advantage and have a virtual front seat to cutting-edge technology and solutions. This year’s speakers include industry leaders from companies, such as L’Oréal Nordics, Lufthansa Innovation Hub, Accenture, Hotwire Global, Brunswick Group, Boot Camp Digital, The Social Intelligence Lab and many more.

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