Brand new dashboard for Streamcoi – a platform that assists esport organisations in easily managing multiple streams

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Streaming is quickly becoming one of the main streams of revenue of modern esport organisations & gaming agencies around the globe. With growing streaming rosters and increasing number of sponsored content, effective management of stramer networks cannot be left to manual process alone. That’s why esports giants, such as G2 Esports, BIG Clan, MAD Lions and many other professional streaming organisations automate the live stream monetisation process with Streamcoi, a platform simplifying content management across multiple streams from a single dashboard.

Today, Streamcoi rolls out a major update with the following content:

  • completely redesigned dashboard with refreshed look and user interface across the entire platform, helping to navigate the dashboard even more intuitively
  • simpler system to create automated campaigns on multiple streams at once
  • extensive FAQ and guidebooks, conveniently gathered in one place helping users master the full potential of the Streamcoi Dashboard 2.0
  • significant technology improvements made on both frontend and backend
  • smoother and reload-free experience for all users
  • access to deeper individual streamer statistics allowing for full understanding of the network
  • cinematic view of live streams giving viewer’s perspective directly from manager dashboard
  • campaign archives giving easy campaign history access without any lost data

New update is the first of incoming enhancements Streamcoi plans to ship in the near future. As Jakub Janaszek, Streamcoi Brand Manager says: ‘Streamcoi users not only automate current work and minimize work of content creators, but most of all they are able to fulfil very broad sponsorship benefits. Live streaming is currently one of the most effective forms of reaching fans and those who do not use this potential now will have a lot of work to do to catch up without the right tools. Our users are carrying out sponsorship campaigns that would be impossible to implement and measure statistics without Streamcoi.’

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