New NFT Play and Earn Gaming Platform Launches with Unprecedented Offer of Equal Return for Gamers

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Ludus, a new ‘play AND earn’ gaming platform has launched in the UK to give everyone the chance to enjoy NFT gaming, empowering community with a focus on having fun. The platform truly champions ‘Play AND Earn’ and is the first to offer equal returns to gamers whilst encouraging users to play for enjoyment with added economic benefit.

The team at Ludus is the perfect combination of financial expertise alongside gaming and content leaders who have developed a strategy to maximise impact, profitability and inclusivity in NFT gaming. With the intention of combining digital assets and physical gaming hubs in and around London and the UK, Ludus breaks down barriers separating the metaverse and reality.

Cryptocurrency has gained popularity in the gaming industry with top gaming companies such as Xbox, Microsoft and Twitch entering the space. With gamers making up over 1/3 of the world’s population, major brands are looking at ways to increase engagement and leverage the opportunity.

Ludus is one of a new breed of gaming guilds, a combination of investors, gamers and managers who purchase a large number of gaming NFT assets to rent out to other players who cannot afford the initial investment or are unfamiliar with the space. Unlike other guilds offering fractional returns with a focus on earnings, Ludus champions Play AND Earn and offers equal returns to gamers, encouraging users to play for enjoyment with an added economic benefit.

Daniel Gee, CEO of Ludus and MD at Pello Capital, commented“The team at Ludus are proud to launch our unique Play AND Earn platform and to be offering gamers a chance to play for enjoyment whilst making a fair return on their earnings. The social good that guilds are bringing to the gaming world is what makes them stand out. By allocating assets within the cryptocurrency gaming sub-sector they generate passive income, active income and alternative cashflows from our inventory.” 

Venture capitalists to date have invested over $4bn to support the development and creation of blockchain based games and the market is continuing to grow and gain popularity and we believe Ludus is perfectly placed to offer the very best experience to the gaming community.” 

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