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Rockstar® Energy Drink, the drinks brand to fuel all the things you love to do, has announced a new gaming content series called ‘ЯReboot’ launching on Twitch’s Just Chatting. Hosted by gamer, content creator and Twitch streamer Niki Nihachu, and kicking off on October 26th, episodes will feature special guests to chat about future innovations, insider gaming knowledge, and bringing some hard-hitting subjects to the conversation.

Twitch users can tune in to enjoy ЯReboot in real-time, whilst on-the-go, chilling, or gaming at home. Each show will be multi item and magazine in nature focusing on a variety of passions that matter most to Niki and her Twitch audience. Rockstar’s ambition is to deliver new levels of energised conversation around music, sport, food, community and fashion, with noteworthy and expert guests. The first episode includes:

  • Episode One: Kicking off the series, this episode will  focus on what matters most to the Twitch community – gaming. Niki and guests dig into their favourite games from the past and which ones ignited their passion for the passtime. Mary Udofia, Stream & Content Manager for Black Girl Gamers will join Niki to chat about what her group stands for, and what it means to see a more inclusive group of people on Twitch. Gee Nelly, a gamer and Twitch streamer with a keen interest in fashion and design, will also be sitting down to discuss future trends and designs in avatars’ clothing, and sharing some of the most impressive tech in the metaverse.
    • Available to stream from October 26th at 7pm

Episode two, three and four are yet to be revealed, so users should keep their eyes peeled for a very special announcement of special guests. This includes Niki Nihachu fans having the chance to be part of a live audience for one of the final episodes, where they can get up close and personal with Niki and her guests.

Niki Nihachu, Celebrity Gamer & Rockstar’s Fuelled host, said: “I’m really excited to be hosting the ЯReboot series with Rockstar. Gaming has grown so much in the last few years and the gaming industry is so innovative. In the series, I’ll be chatting to the people who have helped take gaming to the next level, how gaming and AR is infiltrating other aspects of our life, and how it has become an inclusive community for everyone- even if they don’t play themselves! Gaming has something for everyone and I hope this series makes my audience want to not just get involved, but to pursue their passion no matter what it is!” 

Viktoriya Ustenko, Rockstar Energy Drink, European Senior Marketing Director, commented: “We are thrilled to announce the launch of RReboot with Rockstar, a Just Chatting Twitch series hosted by the renowned Niki Nihachu. With gaming becoming one of the fastest and largest growing forms of entertainment*, we want to create a series that is as inclusive as it is exciting, by bringing different gamers together to share their stories, insights and advice. This content series is the latest brand activation that we hope helps fans follow and actively enjoy their passions.

For the moments when you need that boost in energy to do the things you love to play and do, Rockstar Energy Drink is the perfect refreshment to enjoy whilst doing it!”

ЯReboot will be released monthly, from October to December, and available to watch here:

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