Ninja Lotto introduce their exciting new way of slashing the cost of playing multiple lottery tickets

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Ninja Lotto – London, have launched a completely new way of playing multiple lottery lines at a fraction of the cost. Their platform securely purchases big sets of official National lottery tickets. Ninja Lotto customers form anonymous syndicates by purchasing a share.

The website brings a fresh and exciting approach to the world of lottery syndicates for the UK market and beyond. All syndicate numbers can easily be reviewed and checked in the innovative Admin area of the website.

Aris Capellos, joint owner of Ninja Lotto said, “We wanted to give people the chance of dipping in and out of lottery syndicates without all the fuss, commitment and stress of co-ordinating typical office and group syndicates. Our research showed that people are excited about ways of increasing their chances to get a larger prize. These are some factors that are perfectly addressed by the Ninja Lotto offering.”

A syndicate gives players the chance of covering more lines at a lower cost. This is made possible by splitting that cost with others, using the growing network of Ninja Lotto players.

· Ninja Lotto buys official lottery tickets and organises all the syndicates for individual draws.
· People play alongside the many other Ninja Lotto customers. The Ninja Lotto platform handles all the syndicate groups, so players don’t have to.
· Players simply choose how many lottery lines they want and start playing.
· Syndicate numbers are chosen at random which means no-one is left worrying about superstition or whether they included a birthday.
· Random selection also means that repetitive number systems are also avoided completely and, importantly, higher numbers above 31 are given equal selection weighting. Many people forget about numbers from 32 and above when using dates.

Ninja Lotto is a slick new website with nicely thought-out usability made possible through user-testing conducted by the award-winning Gutsy Ninja research company. Players can buy a share in a large set of tickets, without the need to co-ordinate with or know anyone else in the syndicate. Players can commit to a singular set of draws or simply set up a subscription, which can be cancelled in a few clicks.

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