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Market-leading esports betting solution provider Oddin.gg and PLAYzone have entered into an exclusive agreement for the upcoming Czech Championship Tipsport MCR CS:GO. The deal will bring official data to Oddin.gg’s platform, making it accessible to customers and opening up new products to service official data rights within the esports industry. The tournament is sponsored by Tipsport, the leading bookmaker on the Czech and Slovak markets.

The goal of the partnership is to kick-start Oddin’s foray into the realm of purchasing official data assets, and to assist in the launch of their new live data product. The tournament will take place in November 2022 and promises to showcase some of the best Czech and Slovak teams battling it out.

Marek Suchar, co-founder and Managing Director at Oddin.gg: “Oddin.gg has big plans to shake up the esports data space, as we believe there is significant room for improvement when it comes to monetization and distribution of official esports data, not to mention offering a truly exceptional odds product. This is just the start, and we plan on bidding and approaching many more rights holders within the space with the aim of securing major data rights deals in 2023. We believe our wide distribution network and end-to-end esports betting solutions benefit everybody invested in the esports ecosystem, from rights holders (increased monetization) through bookmakers (improved profitability), to individual bettors (a truly engaging esports betting experience).”

Pavel Kristian, head of MČR in CS:GO: “We are proud to be working with Oddin.gg, as they have been a standout within the esports betting industry as a clear leader of odds and risk management products. Though working together on our upcoming tournament, we will have the best possible regional partner to help us grow our tournament series and establish our tournaments as a continuing part of the CS:GO Program in the region.”

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