OKTO Enters into Partnership with Ensico

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Fintech company OKTO has partnered with the Slovenia-based casino management system provider Ensico to enable instant, cashless, mobile payments for players on gaming machines with the OKTO app in casino properties across Europe.

The powerful universal open-loop mobile payment app, tailored for the gaming industry, enables users to pay and play fast and easy directly on gaming machines connected to the Ensico CMS. Under this partnership, OKTO and Ensico aim to reduce payment friction, enhance the player experience and boost retention rates, allowing real-time, instant transfers between gaming machines and the OKTO app in a simple, secure and convenient way.

As the OKTO.WALLET platform is directly integrated with the Ensico CMS, players can add funds directly from their IOS or Android mobile via the OKTO app to gaming machines, as well as get the winnings back to their OKTO.WALLET in real-time, without the use of any other Money-in or Cash-out system.

Simon Dorsen, Director of Gaming at OKTO, said: “To stay competitive in today’s new normal, merchants should be able to cater to different needs and demands as well as to different demographics that are growing even more diverse. European countries are seamlessly adopting digital payment at a great pace, and with the pandemic, we’re likely to see a faster decline in cash payments.

Our partnership with Ensico is well-timed, as retail gaming operations are now competing in an increasingly digital world, and it is essential for them to have a digital payment strategy to increase store foot traffic and level-up customer experience. Gaming operators need to consider how they will adapt their operations for the new reality, and this includes the necessity to offer players cashless payment options now more than ever. We are excited to meet that demand for Enscio CMS customers with the OKTO.WALLET.”

Mario Slapnik, Chief Technology Officer at Ensico CMS, said: “Cashless systems have increasingly become the new norm, simply since society demands it. This shift should not be underestimated, as cashless transactions become the norm and rapidly impact niche industries like casino and gaming.

Security, trust and the need for speed should be at the forefront of the experience, therefore, a secure, reliable, and robust payments infrastructure needs to be in place, and we found all at OKTO, meeting our casino partners’ demand.”

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