Wanyoo Plans to Extend eSports Center Franchise Business to More Countries

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Wanyoo is going to develop its eSports center franchise business in Italy, Germany, France and Japan. It now owns more than 1000 stores across China, America, UK, Australia, Singapore and Canada.

Wanyoo started its very first internet café in Shanghai in 1998. To make offline internet entertainment space more enjoyable for game players around the world, Wanyoo evolved internet café to eSports center. Rather than simply provide internet services in a café, the idea of eSports center is to provide e-sports players a complex of video games, food and beverage, games-related events and a social space. By the end of 2020, Wanyoo eSports centers have serviced more than 40 million players globally.

Through Wanyoo’s global partners and players, it continues to exert its international influence by actively cooperates with eSports teams, international and domestic tournaments and video game publishers. The two well-known esports teams IG and 4AM have been endorsing Wanyoo for years. Wanyoo also achieved partnership with PGI.S.2021. In 2019, Wanyoo Gaming Center became the exclusive partner of LOL NATIONAL NETBAR LEAGUE CHINA. The same year, Wanyoo held the first international Wanyoo eSports center league covered Wanyoo players from New York, London, Singapore and so on. Wanyoo and its stores also value local partnerships. In the UK, Wanyoo sponsored the LOL tournament of CSSA UK 2019. In Canada, the Wanyoo eSports center assisted local college to establish esports team.

In addition to where Wanyoo comes from, there are 12 Wanyoo eSports centers in America, Britain, Canada, Australia and Singapore. These stores endeavour to provide local game lovers the most enjoyable playing space. In the next 3 years, Wanyoo plans to run 50 stores outside of China in total.

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