Dubai Racing Club Opts for TPD’s Horse Tracking Solution

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Total Performance Data, the world’s leading horse racing live data provider, has announced today that Dubai Racing Club is a new client.

Following successful live trials at last Spring’s Super Saturday and Dubai World Cup meetings, Dubai Racing Club has signed a multi-year deal to use TPD’s services beginning with the new season at Meydan Racecourse on Friday 10 November. This extends TPD’s content footprint in the fast-growing Middle Eastern horseracing scene where both of Saudi Arabia’s racecourses are already live.

TPD will produce live and post-race timing stats for every horse as well as live running order graphics for the world’s biggest set of on course screens, including the new 4k big screen.

Will Duff Gordon, CEO of TPD, commented: “We are very excited to be further enriching the wonderful racing that takes place at Meydan and look forward to a successful partnership. I’d like to thank our engineering partners at Gmax for so rapidly delivering the live service back in March.”

Mohammed Riaz, Head of IT for Dubai Racing Club, said: “When Trakus ceased trading we were impressed with the speed of set up and quality of output when Gmax and TPD met our needs for the climax of last season. We are excited to use this content on our new 4k big screen as well as for our international audience.”

The new season at Meydan Racecourse begins on Friday, November 10th and concludes with the $30.5million Dubai World Cup meeting on Saturday, March 30th.


Growth in Overseas Wagering on Hong Kong Racing Leads to Overall Turnover Increase

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HKJC contributes record HK$35.9 billion (£3.6 billion) to community as racing turnover totals HK$141.1 billion (£14.3 billion)

Following its annual general meeting (AGM) on September 5, the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) announced its results for the 2022/23 financial year ended June 30, 2023.

This was a challenging year for the HKJC, with the first seven months dominated by the pandemic and the HKJC impacted by the post-pandemic economic slowdown, with macro-economic trends indicating that the business environment will continue to be very difficult.

While local turnover on Hong Kong racing was down 1.3%, this was offset by the HKJC’s successful strategy to widen its customer and revenue base by exporting its world-class racing overseas via commingling. Last season, commingling on Hong Kong racing was up 3.0% to HK$25.4 billion (approximately £2.6 billion), comprising 19.6% of total turnover on Hong Kong racing for the season. As a result, the HKJC’s income on wagering on Hong Kong racing for the season was up 1.5%.

Leveraging the success of commingling, the HKJC’s world-class technology and the liquidity of its pools, the HKJC has launched the World Pool based on the simulcast of top overseas races. As a result, Hong Kong has become the global hub for wagering on the world’s best races. With an additional three World Pool events last season, total turnover on simulcasting and the World Pool was up 12.5%, comprising 8.4% of total racing turnover.

As a result, total racing turnover for the 2022/23 racing season was up 0.5% to HK$141.1 billion (approximately £14.3 billion). Income on racing wagering for the season was up 1.8% to HK$6.4 billion (approximately £650 million).

World Cup and new HKJC wagering system boosts football betting turnover

Football betting saw a strong performance, with turnover up 9.1% to HK$156.9 billion (approximately £15.9 billion) in 2022/23. This was partly due to the World Cup, whose unusual timing fell into the middle of the financial year, but more to the HKJC’s new customer information and wagering system, which facilitated the launch of new In Play bet types to compete with the illegal market. However, while turnover was up, the HKJC’s income was flat at HK$9.8 billion (approximately £996 million) due to increased taxation in the form of Special Football Betting Duty of HK$12 billion (approximately £1.2 billion), which is payable over five years, with HK$0.6 billion (approximately £61 million) being paid in the 2022/23 financial year.

Meanwhile the Mark Six lottery, which returned to three draws per week, was up 29.2% to HK$7.5 billion (approximately £762 million) in 2022/23.

As a result, and despite the many challenges, the HKJC achieved a record turnover of HK$304.8 billion (approximately £31 billion), which in turn enabled it to contribute a record HK$35.9 billion (approximately £3.6 billion) to the community. This comprised a record HK$28.6 billion (approximately £2.9 billion) in betting duty, profits tax and Lotteries Fund contributions and HK$7.3 billion (approximately £742 million) in approved charity donations, the second highest in the HKJC’s history.

Reflecting on the HKJC’s achievement, Michael Lee, the Chairman of the HKJC, said: “I would like to express my sincere thanks to the racing community, to our members, to the HKSAR Government, to mainland authorities, to the HKJC’s management and employees and most especially to our customers. Through your support, Hong Kong racing is an example to the world of the strength and resilience of our city.”

“Through resilience and agility, the HKJC performed extremely well during the pandemic,” the Chief Executive Officer for the HKJC, Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges, said. “However, there is no question that the post-pandemic environment is proving equally challenging, with the economy likely to be highly volatile for some time to come. In these circumstances, the HKJC’s exceptional performance last year was only possible because of its strategy to develop world-class racing and to export it overseas via commingling as well as through the creation of the World Pool. Together with the strong performance of football betting, this enabled the HKJC to contribute a record HK$35.9 billion to the community.”

Betting Duty

This year the HKSAR government introduced Special Football Betting Duty, which, requires the HKJC to pay HK$12 billion (approximately £1.2 billion) over five years on top of the substantial betting duty it is already paying. Nonetheless, the HKJC has undertaken to maintain its regular approved charity donations at not less than HK$4.5 billion (approximately £457 million) a year over the five-year duration of the Special Football Betting Duty.

Given the government’s fiscal needs, the HKJC understands the rationale for Special Football Betting Duty. However, the HKJC remains very concerned about any permanent increase in taxation, especially in the rate of betting duty, which is already far higher than in other jurisdictions. The HKJC pays 50% on its gross margin on football, whereas Macau pays just 25%. Racing betting duty, at up to 75%, is almost double that of Japan, which pays 40%. Duty rates in the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia are even lower.

In the digital age, the HKJC faces significant competition from illegal bookmakers who pay no tax, and from overseas sports betting bookmakers who operate under very low tax regimes. Illegal and overseas betting operators are already earning profits in excess of HK$15 billion (approximately £1.5 billion) a year from Hong Kong customers. If betting duty rates increase the HKJC would face a significant decrease in income and would be less price competitive. As a result, the HKJC would be unable to invest for its future. Above all, it could not sustain its high level of support for Hong Kong, which over the last ten years has seen its betting duty contributions rise from HK$17.2 billion (approximately £1.7 billion) to HK$27.1 billion (approximately £2.8 billion) and its charity donations more than triple, from HK$1.95 billion (approximately £198 million) to HK$7.3 billion (approximately £741 million).

Stronger Together for Hong Kong

As a result of the HKJC’s significant increase in donations over the last ten years its Charities Trust has become one of the world’s top ten charity donors.

To maximise its impact, the Charities Trust regularly reviews its strategy, and it did so again this year, taking account of societal needs. The new triennial (2022/25) strategy has five pillars: Positive Ageing & Elderly Care; Children & Youth Development; Healthy Community; Talent & Sector Development; and Sports & Culture. The Trust will also develop sustainability as a new strategic theme given the significant impact of this global challenge.

The Charities Trust supports a wide range of needs in collaboration with the government, NGOs and other grantee partners. Furthermore, the additional resources generated by the HKJC’s business results have enabled it to focus on needle-moving, high-impact initiatives. Through Trust-initiated Projects (TIPs) it pilots new service models and brings innovation to the service sector. Many TIPs are already having an impact. For example, CoolThink@JC, which promotes the digital creativity of upper primary school students, has been taken up by the Education Bureau. This year the Trust launched its latest TIP, JC Volunteer Together, which promotes volunteering in the community. It also approved nine new TIPs, including a new initiative to develop primary care community pharmacy services.

One of the Trust’s major strategic projects, initiated to mark the tenth anniversary of the HKSAR, was the conservation and revitalisation of the Central Police Station compound as Tai Kwun – Centre for Heritage and Arts. This year Tai Kwun celebrated its fifth anniversary. Since opening, it has become a unique public space in the heart of Hong Kong and a symbol of global best practice in heritage conservation. To date over 13 million local and international visitors have enjoyed its historic buildings and year-round programme of exhibitions, festivals and performances.

Looking forward, the Charities Trust will convene the third Philanthropy for Better Cities Forum at West Kowloon Cultural District from September 11 to 12. Carrying the Philanthropy for Fairer Societies theme, the forum will bring together 70 distinguished speakers and 1,600 delegates from around the world and establish Hong Kong as a global thought leader in philanthropy.

Strategic Development on the Mainland

The HKJC has successfully established Conghua Racecourse in Guangzhou as a globally-recognised centre of excellence, comprising the mainland’s first internationally-recognised Equine Disease Free Zone and state-of-the-art facilities including stables, training tracks, an international standard veterinary clinic and rehabilitation centre and vocational training for equine industry development. Building on this success, the HKJC is contributing to national development through its strong support for the equine industry and horse sports in the mainland.

Under its Racing Vision 2030, the HKJC’s world-class racing will soon encompass not only its two racecourses in Hong Kong but Conghua Racecourse in Guangzhou. This vision is anchored in two national policies. Firstly, the continuous development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and secondly the National Equine Industry Development Plan (2020/2025).

In 2021, the HKJC signed a Framework Cooperation Agreement for the joint development of the Guangzhou-Hong Kong Racing Economic Cluster. In line with this the HKJC will host regular race meetings at Conghua starting from 2026. Work is in progress to expand stabling facilities and to construct an iconic grandstand.

The HKJC is keen to support equine sports in other parts of the mainland. For many years it has been working with the General Administration of Sport, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Chinese Equestrian Association (CEA) and the Chinese Horse Industry Association (CHIA). This year it signed agreements to take forward its cooperation with the CEA and the CHIA.

Following its extensive support for the equestrian events of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, the HKJC is also providing its world-class expertise and technical support for the equestrian events of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou. Hong Kong, China will field its own equestrian team, all of whom have benefited from the HKJC-supported Hong Kong Equestrian Performance Plan. The HKJC will work with the Hangzhou government to carry forward the equestrian legacy of the games.

Results summary – by financial year (1 July 2022 – 30 June 2023)




2021/22 (HK$m) % change
Racing turnover* 140,363 140,396 0.0%
Football turnover 156,876 143,798 + 9.1%
Mark Six turnover 7,560 5,850 + 29.2%
Total 304,799 290,044 + 5.1%

*87 race meetings in 2022/23 and 88 race meetings in 2021/22


HKJC’s contributions – by financial year (1 July 2022 – 30 June 2023)






% change
Racing betting duty 14,105 14,135 – 0.2%
Football betting duty 10,963* 9,844 + 11.4%
Lottery duty 1,890 1,463 + 29.2%
Profits tax 539 696 – 22.6%
Lotteries Fund 1,134 877 + 29.2%
Approved Trust donation 7,264 6,594 + 10.2%
Total 35,895 33,609 +6.8%

*Including HK$600 million Special Football Betting Duty (April-June 2023)

The Hong Kong Jockey Club’s 2022/23 annual report can be downloaded from the HKJC website at: https:// Corporate.HCJC .com/Corporate/English/History-and-Reports/Annual-Reports .aspx.



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Quantum Gaming, a trailblazing platform provider with a global footprint, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Japan Solutions, a consortium of specialized service companies dedicated to navigating the intricate landscape of the Japanese market.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Quantum Gaming’s expansion strategy, propelling it towards unparalleled success in one of the most unique and challenging markets in the world.


Japan’s market is a complex labyrinth, rich with distinct cultural nuances and deeply ingrained societal values that set it apart from the rest of the world. For years, companies from all corners of the globe have struggled to decipher the code to effectively penetrate this enigmatic market. Recognizing the complexities, Quantum Gaming has joined forces with Japan Solutions, an alliance forged to bridge the gap between global innovation and Japan’s traditional values.


Japan Solutions brings together a consortium of industry leaders, each an expert in a vital sector for conquering the Japanese market. With the combined prowess of a Game provider, a Payment solution provider, a Marketing service provider, and a Consulting service provider, Quantum Gaming provides access to an unrivaled arsenal of resources and expertise.

Here’s some more information about each of the indispensable parts that make up Japan Solutions:


When it comes to conquering the intricacies of Japanese payment systems, Tiger Pay is your answer. Our fast, easy, and secure payment solution empowers merchants and brands to seamlessly manage multiple currencies within a single account. With Tiger Pay at your side, you can effortlessly connect with iGaming users, enhancing user experiences while streamlining financial transactions.


Unlock the true potential of the Japanese gaming market with Tiger Games. Their portfolio offers a curated selection of the best games tailored specifically for the Japanese audience. With a single integration through API, you gain access to a comprehensive collection of handpicked games that can be seamlessly integrated into your platform. Their gaming expertise ensures your offering resonates with the unique preferences of the Japanese gaming community.


Windstorm Media is an international media agency that specializes in Japanese media marketing, all based in Europe to cater to European clients. With deep-rooted knowledge of both cultures, they bridge the gap between Japan and Europe, enabling you to effectively communicate your brand’s message in ways that resonate with both audiences.


Make banking an easy endeavor with Tiger Gateway. Their streamlined banking solutions remove the complexity from financial transactions, ensuring that your operations run smoothly. Whether it’s managing payments, withdrawals, or other financial processes, Tiger Gateway simplifies the banking aspect of your business, freeing you up to focus on what truly matters.

Tigerpay is also Japan Solutions cryptocurrency and currency e-wallet. Tigerpay offers an efficient and streamlined digital asset platform, which simplifies intricate international bank transfers and payment processes, along with the management of transaction history.


“Japan has always presented a unique challenge for businesses due to its cultural intricacies and distinctive business landscape,” said Oliver De Bono, CEO of Quantum Gaming. “Our partnership with Japan Solutions is a strategic move aimed at not just navigating these challenges, but harnessing them to our advantage. We’re excited to leverage their specialized knowledge to ensure Quantum Gaming’s offerings resonate with Japanese consumers in meaningful and authentic ways.”

The collaboration between Quantum Gaming and Japan Solutions promises to provide a leg up in the Japanese market by delivering the most suitable structural advantages. This partnership is a testament to Quantum Gaming’s commitment to not only meeting market demands but also understanding and respecting the cultural foundations that underpin business success in Japan.

For those seeking to explore the endless possibilities that the Japanese market holds, Quantum Gaming’s collaboration with Japan Solutions opens doors to a realm of insights, opportunities, and tailored solutions.

If you’re ready to elevate your online gambling presence in Japan and tap into its immense potential, get in touch with us at and we’ll introduce you to a whole new world of iGaming possibilities in Asia!


QTech Games Teams Up with HoGaming to Bolster its Live-Dealer Offering

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Leading distributor teams up with live casino and RNG specialist to underscore its status as a definitive one-stop-shop for iGaming

QTech Games, the number-one games distributor for Asia and all emerging markets, has launched with noted live-dealer and RNG provider HoGaming in a deal for the company that adds more muscle to its definitive product portfolio, allowing its platform clients to access another multifaceted live-casino catalogue.

The popular live-dealer domain continues to gather momentum for a worldwide fanbase and HoGaming’s authentic digital table games are accelerating this trend, creating a real land-based casino experience online with traditional titles like blackjack, roulette and baccarat sitting alongside other regional favorites such as Sicbo and Dragon Tiger. Accordingly, these games now all form part of the progressive portfolio made available to QTech Games, its partners and the culturally-varied proclivities of their players.

HoGaming is an international gaming and entertainment supplier that has been providing live-dealer gaming content across Asia since the turn of the millennium. Now, the combined mission of HoGaming and QTech Games is to create resourcing efficiencies for global operators by providing them with modular live-dealer software solutions necessary for running a successful online casino vertical.

As the fastest-growing distributor in Asia in recent history, QTech’s platform boasts the broadest gaming portfolio around, localized for each region, with native mobile apps, powerful reporting and marketing tools and 24/7 local-language support.

“HoGaming’s state-of-the-art live studio brings a deeper, more engaging experience for players, who can now enjoy these immersive and authentic real-time table games (from classics like blackjack, roulette and baccarat and to regional favorites like Sicbo and Dragon Tiger) through the agile QTech Games platform, which offers the fastest integration on the market,” the Chief Commercial Officer for QTech Games, Daniel Long, said.

“Live dealer is heavy on personnel and infrastructure when it comes to delivering on dealers and studio demands and HoGaming has nailed these crucial aspects for a thriving vertical that is excelling across both established and untapped territories. It’s an easy, familiar product that is acting as a bridge for players to successfully migrate from land-based to digital gaming.”

“We provide value proposition through the most effective use of technology, faster delivery, consistent UX and customized online live-dealer offerings across various channels and multiple markets,” the Chief Executive Officer for HoGaming, Stanley Ho Willers, said.

“Our high-quality video-streaming, combined with cinema-level cameras and the latest HTML5 technology, delivers a smooth player experience, even on the smallest screens and devices. For us, it’s all about reliability and scalability, helping operators improve players’ loyalty by customizing their portfolio with an array of cross-platform RNG games and extending that reach with multi-currency and cryptocurrency support. We’re delighted to add another original piece to QTech Games’ patchwork quilt of gaming verticals and we look forward to its platform taking our games to fresh audiences across emerging markets.”


Made-in-India Casual Battle Royale Battle Stars Celebrates Independence Day With Delhi-Inspired Map, Crosses 5 Million Players

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Made-in-India casual battle royale Battle Stars now has over 5 million players worldwide since its launch. To celebrate Independence Day and this milestone, developer SuperGaming has announced that Battle Stars gets a new map inspired by the nation’s capital — Delhi.

The Battle Stars’ Delhi map features a host of famous landmarks much like the game’s well-received Mumbai map. Key locations include India Gate and Red Fort as well as Presidential House and Connaught Place to name a few. To commemorate Independence Day, players can spot the national tricolour fag on India Gate and Red Fort in Battle Stars on August 15, 2023. The Battle Stars update featuring the Delhi map is live now on the App Store and Google Play.

“Season 2 of Battle Stars saw a staggering 20 million matches played, we wanted to take the experience further by bringing Delhi to the game,” says Christelle D’cruz, Battle Stars Game Lead and co-founder at SuperGaming. “To do this, we visited Delhi to capture its vibe and culture to bring it in-game as well as taking inputs from the community. Our new Squad BR features are also based on community feedback.”

This isn’t all. Battle Stars is made in collaboration with India’s top gaming YouTuber, Techno Gamerz aka Ujjwal Chaurasia. In previous Battle Stars updates he has worked closely with SuperGaming to develop his playable hero, the Techno Quest, and new skins based on his character.

Being a Delhiite himself, Techno Gamerz has also lent his expertise and familiarity of the city to the Delhi map. Keen-eyed gamers will be able to spot his house in it soon.

Other new additions to the map include location-specifc sound effects for a more immersive gameplay experience such as the hustle and bustle of traffc in Connaught Place or the buzzing crowds at India Gate. Furthermore, players can use new emotes to refect the local slang of Delhi.

This is just the beginning of Battle Stars’ journey to bring the best of Delhi into the game. More updates to the Delhi map and the game itself will be made available in the weeks to come.


Aviatrix extends reach into Asia with QTech Games deal

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Aviatrix, the award-winning crash game featuring NFT-based loyalty mechanics, is now available via QTech Games in a major distribution deal that will extend its reach in Asia and other emerging markets.

QTech Games’ operator partners will be able to seamlessly offer Aviatrix to players via the QTech platform. For Aviatrix, the agreement marks another major milestone in its rapid growth. In May, almost 250,000 monthly active players enjoyed the game worldwide.

Vladislav Artemyev, CEO at Aviatrix, said: “Aviatrix is among the fastest growing casino games in the world right now, and this partnership with QTech Games will bring the title to brand new audiences, particularly in Asia. QTech’s operator partners will now be able to offer their players in emerging markets a truly unique game focused on delivering the best entertainment experience possible in an online casino. We’ll be working tirelessly to continue to add new features and functionality to Aviatrix over the coming weeks and months. Watch this space.”

Daniel Long, CCO at QTech Games, said: “This timely game is a triumph for the creativity of the Aviatrix development team, capturing the zeitgeist with popular crash mechanics, coupled with in-demand NFT features. Needless to say, it makes for another welcome addition to QTech Games’ expanding crash portfolio, with customizable game-assets, such as selecting the colour of the aircraft body and its key components.

“We remain dedicated to rolling out high-quality content that drives revenue for our partners, and Aviatrix are one of the pioneers in introducing this fresh format to online and crypto casinos.”

The news of this deal comes ahead of SiGMA Asia, which takes place in Manila between 19-22 July. Aviatrix will be showcasing its product on the conference floor at Stand B09, while QTech Games is hosting the SiGMA Asia Invitational Golf Day, held at Manila’s spectacular Club Intramuros Golf Course from 8am on 19 July.

Aviatrix has gained recognition in recent months for its NFT-based engagement mechanics. Players of the game can create and customise their own NFT aircraft, which they then use during gameplay. More than 300,000 such NFT aircraft have been created so far.


Expanse Studios Showcases New Games at SiGMA Asia 2023

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Expanse Studios is delighted to announce its participation in the prestigious SiGMA Asia 2023, a renowned gaming expo bringing together B2B, B2C brands, land-based exhibitors, suppliers, operators, and affiliates from across the globe. SiGMA Asia 2023 will take place at the SMX, the largest expo center in Manila, from July 19 to July 22, endorsed by PAGCOR.

This influential event offers an exceptional platform to connect the gaming industry from all continents with strongly evolving Asian markets, marking an exciting new chapter in the globalization of the gaming world.

Expanse Studios is proud to contribute to this narrative, further solidifying its position as a global player in the industry. Boasting a wealth of expertise and innovation, Expanse Studios will showcase its games at Booth BR17.

The company continues its commitment to develop outstanding products that resonate with players and industry partners alike. With 40+ games already developed, optimized for all verticals, this event is another testament to our dedication to high-quality and innovative game design, backed by years of experience and a reputation for excellence.

Evolving beyond a newcomer in the gaming industry, Expanse Studios has established itself as a reliable and respected name in the global gaming market. We consistently deliver excellent products that cater to the ever-growing demand for immersive gaming experiences.

Asia – The Next Big Gaming Thing

The gaming landscape in the Philippines has seen rapid growth and expansion over the past few years. The country started to license online gaming firms offering their services offshore. Now, the country is on the verge of a new era.

As Tengco navigates the delicate balance between operator and regulator, Expanse Studios is eagerly looking forward to the potential for growth and development that this change heralds. This casino development studio is committed to playing a significant role in the success of the Philippines’ gaming industry and contributing to its exciting future.



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Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) Chairman and CEO Alejandro H. Tengco discussed the agency’s plans and programs to make the Philippines a leading gaming destination in the ASEAN region.

Chairman Tengco was invited to deliver the Keynote Address on the third day of the G2E Asian IR Summit in Macau on July 13, 2023.  In his speech, the PAGCOR chief expressed optimism that with the gaming regulatory reforms which the agency is undertaking, the Philippine gaming industry will be more responsive to the needs of the changing times while addressing the social ills that come with gaming operations.

The Philippine gaming industry started to bounce back as it gradually transitioned into the new normal.  Following its mandate to regulate and uphold the integrity of gaming operations in the Philippines, PAGCOR generated P58.96 billion in 2022, an impressive 66.16% year-on-year increase from its P35.48 billion total income in 2021.  Net income last year reached P4.45 billion, a 2,000% leap from P203.57 million recorded in 2021.

This achievement enabled the agency to fulfill its other role as the government’s partner in generating revenues for socio-civic programs by increasing its contributions to nation-building from P22.91 billion in 2021 to P34.67 billion in 2022.

In view of PAGCOR’s dual role as operator and regulator, its operations have been the subject of scrutiny by key decision makers and major gaming industry players.

Thus, since its assumption a year ago, the new PAGCOR Board of Directors has started strengthening the agency’s regulatory function and has promoted the privatization of PAGCOR-run Casino Filipino facilities.  Such move will allow the corporation to grow and compete in both domestic and international markets through the infusion of new capital and advanced technologies which can facilitate expansions, upgrades and innovations.

“By focusing on its regulatory functions, PAGCOR will be able to avoid the complexities of running two different shows.  It can also streamline its processes and create more revenues that will fund more high impact government projects,” Tengco said.

Before PAGCOR gaming venues are privatized, however, they will be upgraded to add value to the properties.  Programs include the modernization of Information and Communication Technology and Cybersecurity infrastructure, including its Casino Management System and introduction of the Casino Filipino Online; upgrading of more than 3,000 electronic gaming machines (EGMs); and the updating of PAGCOR Technical Standards for EGMs.

To combat the proliferation of illegal gambling in the country, PAGCOR continuously coordinates with various law enforcement agencies.  It has instituted reforms to address the Philippine Offshore Gaming Operations which have been recently associated with crime, money laundering and corruption.  It has canceled the contract entered by the previous Board with the third-party auditor for offshore gaming operations and has introduced new fees and imposed heavy fines and penalties to Licensees and Service Providers found to be engaged in criminal activities.  Furthermore, accreditations were suspended and canceled and Licensees were held responsible for the conduct of their Service Providers.

Despite these, gross gaming revenue of online gaming operations is projected to reach P24 billion by the end of this year, more than double last year’s P11 billion.

Tengco stated, “We shall undertake this painstaking process to weed out the unscrupulous companies and individuals using the PAGCOR license for illegal activities, tainting the name of the whole industry and most especially the Philippines.”

PAGCOR has likewise accredited Gaming System Service Providers for Traditional Bingo, Electronic Bingo, Electronic (eCasino) Games, Sports Betting and E-Billiards.  Its licensed casinos were recently allowed to use remote gaming platforms for their live casino games that cater to their registered casino players.

Currently, PAGCOR is studying the possibility of regulating other facets of the overseas gaming operations, or the possible regulation of a special class of Business Process Outsourcing.

Through closed borders during the COVID-19 pandemic, PAGCOR has evolved and continues to adapt to the changing times by licensing new gaming options within its jurisdiction and properly regulating them.

“I know much still needs to be done, but I believe that we are on the right track towards making the Philippines a prime gaming destination in the ASEAN region,” Tengco concluded.


BETER is exhibiting at SiGMA Asia 2023

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Cutting-edge betting content and data provider to showcase a full portfolio of products and solutions at the upcoming expo

BETER, the leading provider of next-gen betting content and data, is getting ready to touch down in Manila, Philippines, for the hotly-anticipated SiGMA Asia where it will showcase its entire suite of products and solutions.

SiGMA Asia runs from 19 to 22 July 2023 and brings operators, suppliers and other stakeholders together for three days of networking, product showcasing and socialising.

BETER has taken a stand at the popular expo, number G01-1, where it will demonstrate its comprehensive betting product portfolio across BETER Esports, BETER Sports and BETER Live.  

The event will culminate with the Asia Awards ceremony, for which BETER has been shortlisted in two categories: Live Casino of the Year and E-sport Provider of the Year.

BETER Live has a wide portfolio of classic casino games and the concept of Gravity games with multipliers. All of them are developed with an entertainment-first approach, allowing operators to deliver an authentic and engaging experience to their players powered by the most advanced technologies in the market.

BETER Sports arranges Setka Cup table tennis tournaments and basketball tournaments under BSKT Cup brand across 9,000+ events per month. Sports team also provides national table tennis championships with live streaming, live data and odds.

BETER Esports provides more than 33,000 events each month within its proprietary ESportsBattle brand, including such disciplines as efootball, ebasketball, ehockey, CS:GO and Dota 2. Esports team covers more than 450 global tournaments, offering both in-play and pre-match content driven by comprehensive and reliable data.

BETER provides all its tournaments with 24/7 live streaming, live data and odds.

Gal Ehrlich, CEO of BETER, said: We can’t wait to touch down at SiGMA Asia and for delegates to be able to experience the thrills, excitement and entertainment that our products provide.

“BETER is not only focused on innovation and pushing boundaries – which we do – but also on ensuring that the quality of our products set the standard for others to follow.

“Participants at SiGMA Asia can experience this for themselves when they drop by stand GO1-1 and chat with a member of the team.”


QTech Games partners with Vivo Gaming to strengthen its live casino offering

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QTech Games, the number-one games distributor for Asia and all emerging markets, has launched with leading live-casino provider Vivo Gaming in a breakout deal for the company which adds more muscle to its definitive product portfolio, allowing its platform clients to access another multifaceted live-casino catalogue.

The ascendant live-dealer domain continues to go from strength to strength with a truly global fanbase, and Vivo’s innovative and authentic digital table games provide an eloquent example. This product suite includes traditional games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Bingo, alongside perhaps the most popular standout live-dealer game for India in Andar Bahar, not to mention other regional favourites like Sic Bo and Dragon Tiger. Accordingly, these games now all form part of the progressive portfolio made available to QTech Games, its partners and their culturally-diverse appetites of their myriad players.

Vivo Gaming has developed this array of exciting live-casino products over the past few years, alongside other notable innovations, such as the recent launch of its Tournament Tool, designed to boost retention and deliver an unforgettable player experience. This promotional breakthrough features boosters and informs players when they are near to reaching the zenith of an in-game leaderboard, facilitating unlimited players and real-time communication in the process. The tool is currently already available with Vivo Gaming’s premium roulette title with blackjack and baccarat soon to follow.

As the fastest-growing distributor in Asia in recent history, QTech’s platform boasts the broadest gaming portfolio around, localised for each region, with native mobile apps, powerful reporting and marketing tools, and 24/7 local-language support.

Daniel Long, CCO at QTech Games, said: “Vivo Gaming’s state-of-the-art live studio delivers an unrivalled immersive experience for players, who can now enjoy these engaging, real-time table games (from classics like blackjack, roulette, baccarat and Hold’Em to regional favourites such as Andar Bahar) via the flexible QTech Games platform which offers the fastest integration on the market.

“We’re naturally delighted to have signed this agreement with a brand like Vivo, whose games need no introduction and are always raising the bar for cutting-edge mobile and web gaming. Live dealer is heavy on personnel and infrastructure in terms of dealers and studio demands and Vivo has nailed this key component in a lucrative vertical that is thriving across both established and untapped territories.”

Neil Howells, CCO at Vivo Gaming, added: “We’re thrilled to put our key piece in place amid the all-encompassing QTech Games jigsaw, and we look forward to their platform taking our games to new, untapped audiences across emerging markets. Vivo Gaming’s unrelenting commitment to delivering engaging live-player experiences affords customers the visceral thrill of playing in a real-world casino, while QTech Games’ wide emerging-markets know-how made them the ideal partner for us. They understand that there’s no chance of cracking emerging markets without delivering the best localised games that truly connect with varied cultural proclivities in igaming.”