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As per the recent announcement by PMO India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, speaking about the global toy market and video games, has stated that India needs to contribute more by designing and producing in the country.

“Most of the online or digital games available in the market today are not Indian in concept,” said PM Modi. According to PM Modi, these games aren’t Indian in concept, and many of these games” either promote violence or cause mental stress.”

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In regards to the announcement, please find below thoughts from the Esports Federation of India, we request you to add this in your story if you are planning any around it.

  1. Mr Lokesh Suji, Director, Esports Federation of India& Vice President of the Asian Esports Federation (AESF):

“I am glad that our honourable Prime Minister highlighted the potential that the digital/virtual gaming (video gaming industry, this should not be confused with Fantasy, Teen Patti, Rummy, poker, betting, gambling or real money apps) industry has in India. While encouraging, he also indicated developing more video gaming concepts that blend with the Indian essence & ethos, which I believe would be a unique way to promote Indian esports video game titles and presents us with a massive opportunity to build such esports titles which can compete with the International esports titles, if done correctly, we should have Indian esports titles played across the globe. We already have some very good homegrown esports titles like World Cricket Championship, HitWicket.

Esports is already democratized and it’s time we have an esports game title in that list of games, what better time when the Prime Minister of our country fully supports the cause. This sentiment of our Hon’ble Prime Minster can be furthered by recognizing “esports as a sport” by the Sports Ministry (at the earliest) just like the rest of the world.

We want our esports athletes to be competing at Asian Games, Olympics etc. on esports game titles made in India.

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