Reshaping iGaming loyalty: What’s new on Ekstrapoint and why users love it

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Vita Media Group’s flagship product Ekstrapoint is discovering new horizons and setting standards in iGaming loyalty and retention after an intensive year dedicated to innovation and increasing customer satisfaction.

Ekstrapoint today is a host of a community of more than 100.000 players. This is amazing on another level because in November 2021 Ekstrapoint registered 94.800.000 points collected by the platform’s users which represents an all-time high in claimed points. November 2021 holds another record as well, and that is the record number of purchased bonus packages.

These facts were just a solidifying argument in why Ekstrapoint is a unique platform that engages users and operators by rewarding loyalty and offering a free-to-play game model.

Meeting the growth expectations
With the growth each month the platform registers, it has become an expectation for Ekstrapoint to evolve and offer the new phase in rewarding customer loyalty.

To keep up with the latest trends, Vita Media Group entered into a partnership with SmartSoft Gaming that enabled a lot of fresh content to be part of Ekstrapoint, hence the offering for players has become much more diversified and of greater quality.

Since this collaboration came into force in November, Ekstrapoint is now offering ultra-modern slots, much more improved gameplay, attractive competitions, and a reason more to be a loyal player on the first and only loyalty and reward platform in the world.

Some of the great names that joined Ekstrapoint in the course of the last 4 months are:

Apollo 77
Magic Garden 40
Bank Job
World War

All of the new games are characterized by exceptional graphics, a lot of attention to the slot theme, and a fun experience. Each game offers an adventure into a new world.

Add all of this to the personalized dashboard that was introduced in 2021, you now have a full picture of why users have such a great flow on Ekstrapoint.

Whenever we ask ourselves if this is the right track, we are always reassured by the user reviews who give Ekstrapoint an excellent 4.8 score out of 5 on Trustpilot.

“More interested in playing now, with the new and more games in total. Live it. Love it.” says Gary Ramsey, a user from Canada.

The Ekstrapoint team in Vita Media Group expects an even more dynamic tempo in uploading new slots to the platform, as all integrations with the game developers have been successfully finished. In February, the players might even see a record new number of slots added in a month.

Upward trends on Ekstrapoint
The recent developments on Ekstrapoint displayed some positive trends on the platform.

The first notable fact was that since new and modern slots were offered on the platform, the number of unique competition players has been on increase up to this moment and going forwards.

Another positive fact around the updates on Ekstrapoint is that the pages with new games on them have become the pages with increased average session duration; top pages by pageviews; and pages with the least bounce rate.

To wrap it up, Ekstrapoint has aligned with the latest trends in iGaming and has been answering the user needs to keep its status of a unique loyalty and reward platform offering constant user support. These efforts have resulted in increased user activity from registration, to game competition entries, pageviews, and etc.

With the days ahead, Ekstrapoint is growing to become the iGaming platform users can’t imagine their lives without.

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