NCOVR / DVRT13 becomes an ESIC Member

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“NCOVR / DVRT13 specializes in the production and organization of esport events with an international dimension which actively, durably and responsibly participates in the structuring of the market thanks to its exceptional practical and technical skills. NCOVR / DVRT13 produces and develops proprietary tournaments and also supports its Business-to-Business customers in the implementation of online and offline 360° esport solutions ranging from the definition of their strategy to the production of esport plans, tournaments, leagues, events and tournament platforms.”

Comment from Ian Smith, Commissioner of ESIC

“I’m delighted to welcome NCOVR/DVRT13 into the ESIC membership. The project team engaged with ESIC from day one to ensure the fullest possible integration with our Program as possible and, as our first French TO member, it is particularly gratifying that they wish to ratify a national standard level that aligns with the global standards we have been striving to create. I am certain NCOVR/DVRT13 will thrive as they commence operations and we look forward to working alongside them throughout the exciting journey ahead.”

Comment from NCOVR / DVRT13

“We are proud to join ESIC as an active member. ESIC and NCOVR / DVRT13 share the same vision of making esports a better and sustainable place and promoting and establishing new standards for an ethic, fair and equal industry. By joining ESIC, we are committed to protect esports in the interests of youth, and commercial viability. We share the same values which are the fight against corruption in all its forms in the esport world. We will apply all the necessary measures, and ensure that the ESIC charter is respected throughout all our projects”

NCOVR / DVRT13 joins ESL, LVP, WePlay, BLAST, Exceed Me, GT Sports Leagues, Relog Media, 247 Leagues, Allied Esports, UCC, Dreamhack, Nodwin Gaming, FYX Gaming, Eden Esports and many other esports stakeholders who are also ESIC members.

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