Saint Seiya Awakening’s 4th Anniversary: Pick a side between good and evil

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In celebration of Saint Seiya Awakening’s 4th Anniversary, AppGallery has teamed up with GTarcade and LDPlayer to introduce exciting offers, gameplay, and tournaments. The game takes players into the world of author, Masami Kurumada’s original characters. Players can form their ideal team of Saints to take on different opponents and uncover the mysteries of the Sanctuary.

To celebrate this occasion, AppGallery is offering exclusive discounts of up to 25% for all users. It includes a 15% return on points for all in-game purchases made between 13 to 26 September and another 10% return on points for all purchases made with Huawei points in September. To add to all that excitement, there will also be an ongoing monthly reward system that allows users to collect a ROSE for every 10 € spent in the game. Players can redeem coupons in exchange for their ROSES which will entitle them to discounts on their next purchase. Discover more here and here.


Fight for your camp for exciting rewards

As part of Saint Seiya Awakening’s 4th Anniversary, it introduces a new event that allows players to choose if they would like to join forces with the Goddess Camp, champions of justice and order, or stand with the formidable Underworld Camp. As part of the selected camp, complete daily dungeons that will put the skills and teamwork of a player to the test as they tackle different missions and overcome strategic obstacles. Each completed dungeon will earn points for the respective player’s camp that tip the balance of power in their favour.

The camp that amasses the most points will be declared the victor at the end of the anniversary event. With victory comes the spoils, which will include exclusive game items, unique character skins and more exciting bonuses that will surely elevate the overall gaming experience of players. Additionally, players who invite returning friends back to join in the fun, stand a chance to receive rewards. By sharing the event link with friends, you stand to win up to 400 free prize draws during the event that players can use to unlock S tier Saints. This unprecedented number of free draws has a value of $500 in the game. This reward system aligns seamlessly with the introduction of the new hero, Hades Alone, which fans of the manga will undoubtedly recognise.



Jamir Galactic Championship 2023

Another exciting part of Saint Seiya Awakening’s Anniversary celebration is the Jamir Galactic Championship 2023, hosted by GTarcade. Compete against other players within the region to earn the title of champion as well as exclusive in-game packs sponsored by AppGallery and LDPlayer.

Jamir Galactic Championship 2023 Schedule:

  • Server E Time (UTC+1): 17:00 on Sept 23rd and 24th
  • Server A Time (UTC-5): 11:00 on Sept 23rd and 24th

The championship will see two different modes. Supreme Champion is a PvP mode that pits players against each other as they use a combination of skilled characters, equipment, and tactics to defend their opponents. Tactic Master on the other hand is a balanced mode that puts the strategic composition of a player’s line-up to the test. For more information on the championship, please visit the Jamir Galactic Championship handbook or the official site.

The finals will see the top 8 players from each region engage in a fierce battle with only 1 victor emerging. With 8 professional commentators live streaming the matches concurrently on Facebook and YouTube, providing commentary in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, fans all around the world can tune in to enjoy this exhilarating time of competition. During the streams, players tuning in can also take part in the ongoing roulette lucky draw event to win up to $4000. Make sure not to miss out on this exciting opportunity to cheer for your favourite players.

Mark your calendars and prepare for an extraordinary time of rewards and tournaments as we celebrate the 4th Anniversary of Saint Seiya Awakening!

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