SCCG Management Announces Strategic Partnership with PlaySpark to Enhance Audience Retention and Acquisition through Gamified White-Labeled Arcade Games

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SCCG Management is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with PlaySpark, a pioneering company specializing in gamified audience engagement solutions. This collaboration aims to leverage SCCG Management’s extensive global distribution network and business development expertise to introduce PlaySpark’s innovative white-labeled arcade games to new markets and verticals.

PlaySpark, renowned for amplifying acquisition and retention of audiences using white-labeled arcade games, offers a no-code game creator tool that enables brands to build their own games or playable ads. This solution drives higher engagement rates and generates new revenue through in-game ads and rewards. PlaySpark’s plug-and-play games significantly enhance fan engagement and revenue for sports teams and brands, magnifying acquisition by up to 700% and retention by 4X.

“We are very excited to join forces with SCCG,” said Luke Santamar, CEO of PlaySpark. “At PlaySpark, we are trying to change the game of how brands engage their audiences through white-labeled arcade gaming. Partnering with SCCG allows us to expand our footprint into the USA and globally, whilst setting up strategic pathways to drive PlaySpark into other verticals. With the experience and networks of SCCG, we look forward to working together to scale PlaySpark into multiple industries.”

SCCG Management will utilize their vast ecosystem of over 100+ clients in the gaming space, as well as their sales and strategic distribution capabilities, which are globally placed in every major region of the world. This collaboration is poised to offer teams and brands the opportunity to amplify revenue by 300% through in-game advertising and the collection of 1st/zero party data.

Stephen Crystal, CEO of SCCG Management, shared his enthusiasm about the partnership: “We are delighted to partner with PlaySpark, a company that shares our vision for innovation in audience engagement. By integrating PlaySpark’s unique white-labeled arcade games into our network, we are confident that we can deliver unparalleled value to our clients. This partnership not only broadens our service offerings but also opens new avenues for growth and revenue generation for both SCCG and PlaySpark.”

The partnership between SCCG Management and PlaySpark marks a significant milestone in the evolution of gamified audience engagement, providing brands with powerful tools to drive engagement and revenue in an increasingly competitive landscape.

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