Stack Up! (or dive trying), the Italian Stacking ‘n’ Climbing Party Platformer Launches on Steam Today

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PixelConflict are pleased to announce that Stack Up! (or dive trying), the team’s debut title and Stacking ‘n’ Climbing Party Platformer, is officially available to purchase on Steam for PC. Whether looking for solo lighthearted stackin’ fun or laser focused, sweat of the brow competition, all budding stackers in search for that ‘one more game’ feeling can enter the Stack Up House right now, right here.

Starting at the bottom of a suspiciously empty house, players jumping into Stack Up! (or dive trying) may quickly realise something’s not quite the way it should be. The colourful walls with its posters and sky-blue windows combined with the outright silly soundtrack and the sometimes psychedelic wallpaper make for a joyous experience… almost. Suddenly, boxes of all shapes and sizes begin to fall  from the ceiling above, marking the true beginning of the game.

In a race against time, players will now need to unpack the colourful furniture inside the falling boxes, stacking them together to erect satisfyingly enormous platforms, as simple or complex, as wide or thin, against the walls or in the centre of the room, in an attempt to stay one step ahead of the rising water, which begins to flow from the busted pipes below. Stack Up! (or dive trying) can be an enticing challenge in solo as much as an exhilarating race against friends around the world, and features easy, medium, hard or customizable difficulty levels meaning first timers and hardcore players alike will find a boot-soaking challenge to get stuck into!

“It’s finally launch day! I cannot hide the fact that the three of us here at PixelConflict are a healthy mix of real anxious and real excited about putting our debut project out into the world” said Davide Jensen, one of the three co-founders and lead programmer at Italian Indie Studio PixelConflict. “Though thanks to all the feedback we’ve received by the press and on social media, we’re sure that people who download Stack Up will have a lot of fun, this is what makes it all worthwhile for us!”


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