StackUp! (or dive trying), the Italian Stacking Sensation Party-Platformer, launches its first major update on Steam Today

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PixelConflict enthralls us with new surroundings as StackUp Update One launches at the peak of Spooktober – Enter the haunting Halloween makeover and enjoy the brand new 4-player co-op experience!

Check out all the frighteningly awesome features, such as free limited time cosmetics and a Spicy new Power-Up, starting today!

Udine, Italy – October 28th 2021: Italian indies PixelConflict are pleased to announce that StackUp! (or dive trying), a stack-your-way-up casual party-platformer, is officially receiving its first major update coupled with a limited time 30% off on Steam from tonight!

Key features include a fresh out the box co-op game mode, allowing up to four players to collaborate and stack up in true team-like fashion. See where your friends are stacking, use power-ups smartly or take a dive for the team in this new exhilarating experience. The too-hot-to-handle Tabasco Power-Up also makes its debut: drink it to speed up the water speed considerably, helping you reach objects that were too far or a great trick to drown out your opponents in PvP.

Alongside the brand new co-op mode, the once bright and colourful StackUp house turns dark and gloomy in the game’s first holiday makeover. Spiders dart across the walls with their webs, broken windows with shattered glass lie across the creaky wooden floors, and new special soundtracks will fill your already fast-paced experience with goosebumps! Can this rundown house handle the power of its burst pipes, or will players succumb to a watery tomb?

In the first edition of TidyUps, many quality of life changes and stability improvements are made to further improve StackUp’s foundation. And last but not least new customisation options are added to the game, including last season’s winner cosmetics, allowing players to customise their own unique StackUp guy in more ways than ever before!

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