Support Britain’s £845m seaside arcade economy this half-term, Bacta urges

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Hundreds of thousands of people are being urged to support their seaside arcades as the half-term gets underway. The campaign from Bacta follows a further relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions from the UK Government as families across the nation hope to let their hair down and enjoy a much-deserved break.

Support for seaside arcades is essential for many local and regional economies on the coasts of Britain and these gaming centres provide safe places for children and adults of all ages to have fun.

These seaside arcades and related activities contributed a significant turnover of £845m to the UK economy a Gross Value Added of £451m in 2018 (before the pandemic) and were responsible for employing 19,235 people with a cost of employment valuing £292m.

The report, compiled by independent research consultancy Centre for Economics and Business Research Ltd. (Cebr), entitled ‘The contributions of seaside arcades to the UK economy’, calculated the value of the seaside arcade sector to the UK economy, both directly and indirectly.

The research also considered the direct economic contributions made, as well as the wider economic footprint supported through indirect (supply-chain) and induced (wider-spending) impact layers.

Bacta’s most recent call to action follows the trade organisation’s successful Siding With The Seaside Campaign, which highlighted the economic issues costal communities face.

Bacta CEO John White said: “Seaside arcades are at the heart of many costal communities across the UK and they have been particularly hard hit by the pandemic. As this half-term takes off, we are urging people across Britain support their arcade as they enjoy their much-deserved breaks with their loved ones.

“Not only does the seaside arcade economy support almost 20,000 jobs, but the sector generated a staggering £845m in turnover per year before the Covid-19 outbreak. Seaside arcades are a great way to have fun on the coast and they also offer a safe and friendly place for families and other patrons to relax.”

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