Quantiphi announces partnership with Databricks to help drive enterprise-wide AI adoption


Quantiphi, an AI-first digital engineering company, today announced its partnership with Databricks, the lakehouse company and pioneer of this new data paradigm. Together, Quantiphi and Databricks will focus on helping enterprise customers to optimize their business workflows with AI which will be enabled by a strong foundation of the Lakehouse platform.

Businesses today are embracing multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments. As a result, it has become imperative to modernize their data foundation for seamless operations across different environments, and deploy advanced cloud-based technologies – including analytics tools with advanced machine learning (ML) and MLOps capabilities.

As Databricks Consulting Partners, Quantiphi will accelerate AI-driven innovation for clients across industries. Quantiphi’s in-depth knowledge and deep expertise in helping enterprise customers modernize and democratize their Data and AI footprint at scale are valuable for the partnership with Databricks. Databricks’ Lakehouse Platform is cloud-agnostic and enables users to unify their data warehousing and AI use cases on a consistent platform across multiple infrastructures simultaneously.

“We are delighted to enter into a strategic partnership with Databricks,”. said Asif Hasan, Co-founder, Quantiphi. “By combining the power of Databricks’ Lakehouse Platform and Quantiphi’s advanced AI/ML capabilities, our teams will empower customers to leverage data-driven MLOps and enable enterprise AI success.”

The collaboration is set to actively support customers with various data and AI services such as digital transformation strategy, AI innovation roadmap, MLOps, data modernization and migration, data management, security, and governance implementations. Quantiphi’s team of dedicated applied AI Databricks experts will further help customers implement and scale data engineering, collaborative data science, full-lifecycle machine learning, and business analytics initiatives.

“Today, there is a rising need for every business to have a strong foundation of data and AI. By combining the strength of Databricks’ Lakehouse Platform in data engineering, data science and analytics and Quantiphi’s AI-first digital engineering capabilities, we can help companies transform their businesses through the power of data”, said Mohak Moondra, Practice Leader – Applied AI, Quantiphi.


Jeroen Tas Joins Quantiphi’s Board of Directors


Quantiphi, an AI-first digital engineering company, announced today that it is delighted to have Jeroen Tas join Quantiphi’s Board of Directors. Jeroen brings decades of experience and tremendous energy with him. Along with his corporate digital leadership in the healthcare and financial services industries, he also holds an exceptional track record of leading innovative and diverse teams across the globe.

“Jeroen is a visionary with an exceptional track record, and we are elated to welcome him to Quantiphi,” said Asif Hasan, Co-founder, Quantiphi. “A seasoned innovator with valuable industry experience and insight into the technology world, Jeroen brings an entrepreneurial spirit and unmatched enthusiasm to the Quantiphi Board. We look forward to his vision and expertise in inspiring us to innovate and create a positive impact in our ecosystem.”

“Quantiphi has established itself as a prominent player in the AI and Machine Learning space and is changing the way businesses use emerging technologies to address some of the most complex problems for corporations and society as a whole,” said Jeroen Tas. “I’m excited to collaborate with this dynamic team and support their strategy to expand Quantiphi’s success in this exciting market space.”

Jeroen’s earlier roles at Philips, Mphasis and Citi allowed him to gain in-depth exposure in consulting services and product innovation. This exposure accompanied by an entrepreneurial risk-taking attitude have enabled him to blaze the path that Quantiphi’s founders are on, gaining the insight and decision-making abilities required to further scale a great organization.

A highly respected leader in the European technology ecosystem, Jeroen has long been a vocal advocate for how businesses can leverage cutting-edge technologies, such as AI and Machine Learning, to better support customer-centric, innovation-led growth.

“Our long friendship with Jeroen has been one of admiration for his thought leadership in leading edge technologies and entrepreneurial drive,” said Renuka Ramnath, Founder and CEO of Multiples Alternate Asset Management, an investor at Quantiphi since 2019, “We are very excited to see Jeroen’s chemistry with the Quantiphi founders, as he brings in his experience of building businesses along with his unmatched domain expertise in AI. In Jeroen, Quantiphi has found the perfect partner on its board to help unlock the team’s full potential in marketing its innovative products and services to customers globally.”

As a serial innovator, Jeroen has been recognized with several awards and recognitions over the years including Accenture Innovation Award 2015 – Corporate Innovator of the Year, European CIO of the Year Award – 2014, World International Congress’ 2014 CIO Leadership Award, NASSCOM Global CIO Award – 2014 and E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year – 2004. Jeroen also holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Business Administration from the Free University of Amsterdam. Jeroen currently is a member of the Board of Directors of Gaia-X Association for Data and Cloud (AISBL).