,-a-video-based-ai-solution-that-verifies-customers-in-under-120-seconds launches Identity Verification, a video-based AI solution that verifies customers in under 120 seconds, the global payments solution provider, today launches Identity Verification, its first product focused on improving the customer onboarding and identity verification process and expanding’s impact on customers’ digital experience.

Identity Verification utilises proprietary artificial intelligence and is trained on billions of identity and facial recognition documents. Built for businesses like Fintechs, Rental and Hiring companies, Gaming, and Government organisations, Identity Verification helps businesses scale by having a friction-free, compliant, and quick customer verification process. Developed on an expansive list of ID documents across 195 countries, Identity Verification can verify nearly every citizen in the world. In beta alone, it has verified over 10 million identities and identified over 1 million fraudulent identities.

Uber Eats Senior Operations Manager Baptiste Foulonsaid, “We’re delighted to be working with the Identity Verification teams to take full advantage of their expertise so that we can guarantee the authenticity of every document provided and the best delivery experience for all independent delivery drivers using the Uber Eats app.”

AI-supported video-streaming to improve customer journey

Identity fraud is evolving, with deep fakes and deceptive documents growing in sophistication. Single-frame photos often fail due to poor image quality or are managed by a system that cannot keep up with new types of fraud. Identity Verification solves this problem by using 25 fps, 1000 images/flow video streaming. Using video mode on a mobile phone, customers now show an identity document and their face while the sophisticated AI guides users throughout the process, providing live feedback on how to show document authenticity and move their face so the AI can recognise them to combat fraud. It will also tell users if the document they are scanning is invalid, i.e. the wrong passport or driving licence.

“We deeply believe in the intersection between digital payments and online identity verification. Legacy systems requiring an appointment with a human being or limited to certain days a week are not conducive to the long-term growth of the digital economy. By utilising AI and algorithms trained on billions of data points alongside a video stream that simply requires an internet connection, we can now verify identity documents to facilitate customer onboarding and comply with KYC requirements quickly and accurately”, said Meron Colbeci, Chief Product Officer at Identity Verification removes the complexity of requiring a specific app or software compatibility and now allows users to verify their identity anytime and anywhere, requiring only an internet connection. Businesses can direct users to an interface with their logo and branding to facilitate a seamless experience in less than 120 seconds. Businesses can now onboard users 24/7, 7 days a week, without human interaction, all while building trust in the brand.

“The fact that Identity Verification uses live video to verify users’ face and identity document means that the process is simple, efficient, and very reliable for users. The user guidance provided by AI means that the KYC process is smooth and easy for our candidates as well”, said Camille Six, General Manager at leading recruitment platform, StaffMe.

Overcoming ID fraud through AI and machine learning 

Identity Verification’s AI can quickly verify authentic identities across over 3000+ identity documents. By moving the identity document on the video, the AI can monitor hologram and colour changes common in most documents, as well as transparency and opacity. With the user doing a series of short and easy face movements, the AI can quickly identify possible deep fakes or fraudulent identity documents.

The platform’s time to verify from start to completion is 120 seconds for 90% of users. 70% of identities are verified in less than 20 seconds, and any identities that can not be verified in that time are passed to a dedicated team for a systematic human review.  These experts have been trained by customs police officers on ID document security features and the methodology to assess a face match. To date, Identity Verification has identified over 1 million fraudulent identities in beta alone.

“The Identity Verification experience performed better than our usual process for converting our prospects into customers. Their promise looked great on paper and lived up to it in practice”, said Ophélie Robin, Director of Digital Innovation at Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance.

To learn more about Identity Verification, visit our website. launches Fraud Detection Pro to combat rise in online fraud, the cloud-based payments service provider, today announces the next evolution in the fight against fraud with Fraud Detection Pro, a fully flexible solution used by businesses such as Curve and Delivery Hero to solve the rising problem of online payments fraud and optimise revenues.

As the trend of consumers shopping and managing their finances online continues to grow, online fraud is increasingly impacting businesses. In 2021 online fraud increased by 285%, with businesses globally losing $20bn and, in the UK alone, £1.3bn was defrauded from businesses over the year. The problem shows no signs of slowing down with businesses expected to lose $206bn by 2025 due to payments fraud, and according to’s State of Retail report, 25% of eCommerce companies around the world are experiencing a significant rise in fraud and chargebacks.

A state-of-the-art solution for a growing problem

New types of fraud such as bot attacks, account takeover and synthetic identities are continuously emerging and are more sophisticated than ever as they evolve to overcome existing fraud solutions.

For businesses who accept online payments, it is critical to have robust systems in place to quickly block fraud, while reducing friction for genuine customers.

Philip Quinn, Senior Product Operations Manager at Curve, said Fraud is unfortunately an inevitable part of processing payments, as fraudsters continue to evolve their strategies and become increasingly creative. We need to maintain as much control as we can and be fully prepared to respond quickly and with precision.’s Fraud Detection Pro solution is like using a scalpel, compared to some of the other tools in the market that are more like a sledgehammer. Using our own data and specific rules, the solution is fully customisable and can easily adjust to new threats, which means I have one less thing to worry about. It’s a tool we really trust.”’s Fraud Detection Pro is the next evolution in fraud detection solutions, providing merchants with sophisticated decision strategies, flexible rules and the ability to build unique customer segments for a more granular approach to assessing and routing transactions. Merchants using Fraud Detection Pro are able to leverage’s network effect, as its machine learning sees billions of transactions, enabling merchants to greatly benefit from’s advanced velocity in tackling new and emerging fraud.

“With billions of dollars being spent online every year we are seeing payments fraud becoming increasingly sophisticated, making robust online fraud prevention and identity verification critical,” said Ido Lustig, VP of Risk and Identity Product at

“As one of the leading payment service providers to global businesses, we are continuously investing in deep capabilities dedicated to mitigating fraud risk and enhancing authentication. Our innovative solutions allow merchants to take complete control of their customer journeys to deploy either rules-based or dynamic machine-learning authentication strategies. Our recent acquisition of Ubble, a leading identity verification provider and continued investment in this space will add significant value to our fraud management suite over the coming years.”

This announcement follows’s recent update to its Authentication solution, helping merchants combat fraud and optimise their revenues, alongside the launch of Integrated Platforms, a fully flexible, bespoke solution to support marketplaces and sellers in an evolving digital economy.

Fraud Detection Pro is now available for all merchants globally.

To learn more about how is helping businesses combat fraud, visit our Fraud Detection webpage