Datavault® Launches Branded Degree and Utility Tokens for Colleges & Universities Worldwide


Data Vault Holdings Inc., the emerging leader in metaverse data visualization, valuation, and monetization announced today that it has minted NFT tokens for leading Colleges and Universities in the United States that are designed to commemorate and recognize student achievements of all types across every learning discipline. Branded tokens bearing the brands of institutions have been designed and launched by Data Vault Holdings for Pacific Conference PAC 12, Big Ten Conference, Community Colleges and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). By utilizing Datavault®’s patented technology, educational institutions of all sizes can establish branded coin inventories and historical blockchain registries. Higher learning institutions are enabled by the Datavault® platform with on-the-fly minting as well as regimented token issuance, memorializing degree issuance, Dean’s list and academic achievement as well as student athlete and performing arts.

As an example, a student will receive tokens for completing a Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral degree with additional issuances to student athletes that have secured roster or individual positions within the College and University Athletics Departments. These tokens contain performance statistics video, alumni messages, coaching and multimedia of all types.

Nathaniel Bradley, CEO of Data Vault Holdings, Inc. stated, “It’s the power of our platform that is on display with our college and universities’ deployment. NIL legal specialists and faculty will maximize the benefits to students presented by our innovative new Web 3.0 tools. Name, image and likeness opportunities that the Metaverse and NFTs have unlocked are nothing short of a breakthrough. Datavault’s patented ability for students to monetize their image and likeness through compliant Web 3.0 strategies represents a large-scale opportunity for marketers, brands, donors and other College and University utilities. With our patented and expanding  technology, NIL opportunities for students to become remunerated by capturing  and preparing data assets from their college careers are now abundant. This is an exciting time to be a student especially here in America at the epicenter of this technology proliferation and exploration. Carefully planning and deploying with insights, regulatory oversight and foresight gives Colleges and Universities many fundamental advantages.”

Douglas DePeppe, a data rights attorney and member of the Crypto Team at Sports-ISAO, added, “It is exciting to see University and College students and student athletes pursue this NFT opportunity with Data Vault Holdings. Smart Contracts, which are embedded into the Web 3.0 architecture at Datavault®, will help address the privacy, brand, and compliance issues which permeate the emerging NIL marketplace. It is important that data governance via smart contracts and other frameworks accompanies the NIL monetization strategy, particularly with university NIL programs which seek to promote their student athletes.”


Coinfield Selects Datavault’s Patented NFT Minting, Management, and Monetization Platform For Purchases In Over 187 Countries Worldwide


Data Vault Holdings Inc., leading the way in tokenomics and metaverse data visualization, valuation, and monetization, today announces a deal with leading international cryptocurrency exchange Coinfield, which has established users within 187 countries and has an average daily trade volume of $33 million per day. Coinfield will leverage patented tools provided by Datavault® that enable end users to mint their own crypto tokens and market them through its leading global exchange. Datavault’s patented technology will provide Coinfield’s NFT exchange with robust tools for both the creation and monetization of NFT assets.

In the evolution of the cryptocurrency market, NFTs surged to $10.7 billion in Q3 2021, more than eight times the sales volume in Q2 2021. Datavault® technology is strategically positioned to tap into the vast opportunities within this emergent market, and its value is unlocked inside the scale and volume that Coinfield has established within traditional cryptocurrency trading. The combination of both Coinfield’s existing and growing user base and Datavault’s NFT platform creates the largest and most technically equipped NFT exchange ever built.

“While NFTs have existed for a number of years, the market is still very nascent. It is only within the last two years that NFTs have experienced tremendous growth and interest from sectors both fringe and mainstream. For those of us dedicated to the advancement of data transformation, who have predicted the financial and societal benefit of data autonomy for years, the explosion of NFT creation and trading in 2021 is a watershed moment for the data industry. Our empowerment of Coinfield with our patented NFT platform will create minting, management and monetization capabilities that are second to none. This new Coinfield NFT Exchange powered by Datavault® will augment the company’s profitability within the growing metaverse,” states Nathaniel Bradley, co-founder and CEO of Data Vault Holdings.

Coinfield currently serves 240,000+ users and anticipates a substantial increase in trading volume with the onboarding of 9 to 10 million mobile and trading platform users from Tingo Mobile, a leading agri-fintech business based in Africa. As a fully regulated crypto-to-fiat exchange, Coinfield provides access to more than 20 of the most popular digital assets that include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), and now through Datavault®, non-fungible tokens (NFT’s). Coinfield also serves as an on and off-ramp for major fiat currencies USD, EUR, GPB, JPY, CAD, and AED. In 2021, Coinfield serviced $17 billion in transactions. The exchange can also sustain 10,000 orders per second.

The introduction of an NFT exchange powered by Datavault® will allow Coinfield users to monetize individual data assets. These assets–which may include but are not limited to art, GIFs, video highlights, collectibles, avatars, music, or tweets–will be transformed into one-of-a-kind digital items to buy, sell or trade through the Coinfield NFT Exchange, powered by Datavault.

Benefits of NFT creation through Coinfield include value preservation, increased liquidity through decentralized finance (DeFi), enhanced security through blockchain technology, and authenticated, immutable ownership.

The Coinfield NFT Exchange powered by Datavault® will enable consumers to take advantage of this new asset class. This agreement represents a leap forward in providing companies with the suite of crypto technology tools needed to access the full potential within the metaverse.


Data Vault Holdings Expands Expertise In Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data; Appoints Tony Evans of C3 AI To Advisory Board


Data Vault Holdings Inc., the emerging leader in metaverse data visualization, valuation, and monetization announced today the appointment of Tony Evans, General Manager of Financial Services for C3 AI (NYSE: AI), to its advisory board, fortifying Data Vault Holding’s expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, fintech, e-commerce and security. A preeminent expert in business and sales, Mr. Evans has developed and executed transformative, customer-focused strategies across industries. From artificial intelligence to cybersecurity to e-commerce, he has managed global sales and partnership development, led global banking teams, driven growth, and developed customer big data and innovation strategies. As a member of the advisory board, Mr. Evans will advise Datavault® leadership on the automation and scale of their comprehensive crypto data solution.

“In my role at C3 AI, I witness daily the power data assets and tokenomics can play in the foundation for predictive technology that influences decisions and leads to disruption of incumbent markets. Data has now become both an indicator of business intelligence and a form of capital, and we can use this information to inform business innovation. Datavault® expertly combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, and crypto-technology to transform data into salable business growth and revenues. I am honored to provide Datavault’s leadership with perspective on emerging trends, market impact, and consumer issues in payments, AI, and data,” says Tony Evans, General Manager of Financial Services for C3 AI.

As General Manager of Financial Services of leading enterprise AI software provider C3 AI, Mr. Evans directs financial services strategy, global sales, and partnership development. His expertise supports the delivery of the cross-industries enterprise platform C3 AI ® Suite, which enables businesses to develop, deploy, and operate large-scale AI, predictive analytics, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Mr. Evans’ diversified background in the financial and technology sectors skillfully positions him to provide counsel to the executive team of Data Vault Holdings, as they develop and launch new products, design new revenue models, and simplify data visualization, valuation, and monetization processes layering effects through automation of their novel crypto-technologies. Additionally, Mr. Evans has served as Leader of Global Banking and Payments and Head of Financial Services (UK) with Amazon Web Services (AWS) (NASDAQ: AMZN); Head of Leonardo and Analytics (UK and Ireland) and SVP & Chief Operating Officer of Financial Services for SAP; and Managing Director (US) of BlackBerry. He has also served in leadership roles with Datawatch Corporation, Oracle, Applied Knowledge LTD, Visusol Consulting, and Smith Industries.

Mr. Evans holds an MBA specializing in business growth, change movement, and change strategy from the University of Brighton.

In coming weeks, Data Vault Holdings plans to announce additional members of its advisory board, with Ed Cushing, Global Account Manager at Amazon Web Services (AWS), recently announced as its inaugural member. New advisory board members will further aid in providing market insights, analytics expertise, and business and data monetization strategies through the use of Datavault’s patented, cloud-based SaaS platform.