’s-annual-security-assessment,-furthering-system-and-asset-security Passes Hacken’s Annual Security Assessment, Furthering System and Asset Security, a leading crypto exchange trusted by millions of users, has passed an annual security assessment conducted by Hacken, a renowned blockchain security auditor. The assessment follows a recent broadening of its partnership with Hacken, which introduced smart contract auditing to various components of Gate Web3,’s decentralized ecosystem.

The latest security assessment included rigorous evaluation and penetration testing using industry-standard methodologies. Hacken’s team of experts subjected the exchange’s infrastructure to simulated cyberattacks based on real-world scenarios. The assessment confirmed that’s security measures are up-to-date and capable of defending the platform and user accounts against the latest cyber threats.

The assessment was carried out as part of a partnership between and Hacken. The partnership dates back to 2020, when Hacken assisted the exchange in obtaining a CER certification. Since then, the partnership has expanded to include bug bounties, annual penetration tests, and smart contract audits. When combined with’s multilayered security measures and thorough in-house reviews, users are provided greater security guarantees.

“Security is a shared responsibility in the blockchain and digital asset sector. The ramifications extend beyond any one platform, and each has a role to play. Our dynamic partnership with Hacken ensures that’s role is fulfilled and users can safely embark on their digital asset journey confidently,” said Dr. Lin Han, founder and CEO of

The latest security assessment and penetration test confirm’s adherence to following best practices and meeting the demands of an ever-changing threat landscape, helping build users’ faith in and the blockchain and digital asset sector as a whole. In addition, the partnership with Hacken has resulted in greater security assurances on’s centralized and decentralized platforms. The dynamic and robust nature of the partnership ensures that users’ funds are safeguarded from current and potential future threats.


Gate Group Launches 10th Anniversary Special Charity Campaign: Gate Charity 1:1 Donation, Double Your Impact


Gate Charity, a global non-profit philanthropic organization, announces the launch of Special Charity Campaign “Gate Charity 1:1 Donation, Double Your Impact” in celebration of Gate Group’s 10th anniversary, aiming to support charitable causes that make a real difference in the world.

As Gate Group commemorates its 10th anniversary, the firm invites users to join forces in the Gate Charity Special Charity Campaign to support projects that significantly improve people’s lives. Gate Charity is committed to doubling the impact of every contribution through a 1:1 match donation, allowing donors to create an even greater positive impact on people in need.

“The 10th anniversary is a significant milestone for Gate Group, and we would like to celebrate it by contributing to the welfare of the global community,” said Dr. Lin Han, Founder & CEO at Gate Group. “With your help and Gate Charity’s 1:1 matching donation, we can make a greater impact in supporting various charitable programs and causes across the globe.”

The Gate 10th Anniversary – Gate Charity Special Charity Campaign will direct the funds raised towards three exceptional causes: World Vision, Charity: Water, and Room to Read. By donating to these causes, supporters can make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and communities in need.

For users who donate to World Vision, their contributions will go towards sponsoring children in need worldwide through established charitable organizations. As part of the Gate Group 10 for 10 Education Initiative, Room to Read aims to improve access to education and literacy programs for underserved communities. Lastly, supporting Charity: Water will aid in providing clean water to vulnerable communities worldwide, fostering health, education, and economic opportunities.

Since its establishment in 2013, Gate Group has remained committed to providing users with safe, convenient, professional, and reliable digital asset services. While pursuing platform growth, quality services to global users, and furthering crypto adoption remain a top priority, Gate has not forgotten the importance of social responsibility.

As Gate Group serves users globally, it began organizing philanthropic actions worldwide with the vision of leveraging blockchain for positive social impact. To better realize that vision, Gate Group established Gate Charity, a global non-profit charity organization focusing on promoting the application of blockchain technology in philanthropy.

SOURCE,-accelerating-global-expansion Debuts GateTR at Istanbul Blockchain Week 2022, Accelerating Global Expansion


A leading cryptocurrency exchange is attending Istanbul Blockchain Week (IBW) from November 14 to 17 in Istanbul, Turkey. IBW 2022 is Turkey’s most anticipated blockchain event, expected to host thousands of attendees and dozens of industry executives, leaders, and developers. At the event, is set to debut its new Turkey-based cryptocurrency exchange platform, GateTR, during its keynote speech. The new platform will showcase its ecosystem at the booth and host an NFT airdrop campaign.’s first regional crypto exchange – GateTR

Developed by the crypto exchange team over the past six months, GateTR is a new exchange platform designed to offer a seamless, ultra-fast, and user-friendly crypto trading experience tailored to Turkey’s crypto market. The exchange will be accessible through a dedicated website and mobile iOS and Android apps.

On GateTR, users can trade cryptocurrency, buy or sell using Turkish Lira (TRY), and withdraw to local bank accounts. Moreover, users can transfer between their accounts and GateTR free of charge, and the exchange will share the same crypto listing policy as to the furthest extent available in Turkey.

At Launch, GateTR will offer spot trading but will later expand to other products and services. In addition, a 24/7 customer support team has been established to support local users and will activate a live telephone support line soon. And, In Q1 2023, GateTR will announce new collaborations to bring crypto into people’s daily lives, connecting crypto payments with areas such as transportation, travel, shopping, and more.

Gate Turkey’s commitment to regulatory compliance Group, to which and Gate Turkey are belonging, is fully committed to meeting regulators’ expectations. This has been a core focus of its global expansion strategy, which involves strict compliance with data privacy and digital asset regulations and AML/CTF controls. Notably, Group has received licensing and registration in several major crypto regions this year, such as MaltaUSALithuania, Dubai, and more.’s keynote, booth, and special events

During IBW 2022, will engage with attendees and partners at an exhibition booth and host a special afterparty event with a free NFT airdrop. Additionally, the Founder and CEO of, Dr. Lin Han, will deliver the keynote alongside Kafkas Sonmez, Head of Gate Turkey. The keynote will cover’s commitments to the Turkish crypto industry, an intro to the ecosystem, the reveal of GateTR,’s regulatory compliance actions, and more.

Promoting Merkle Tree Proof of Reserves

As the first mainstream cryptocurrency exchange to implement third-party certified and publicly verifiable Proof of Reserves audits, recently released its Merkle Tree audit solution on the open-source platform GitHub. In addition, is welcoming other crypto platforms to employ its open-source solution to improve transparency and trust with users across the industry in Turkey and worldwide.

SOURCE Marks 9th Birthday With New Brand Identity, one of the world’s earliest cryptocurrency exchanges and a leader among digital asset platforms, is celebrating its 9th birthday starting today. The company has also announced a brand refresh to better reflect its values and commitments to its users. As part of the revamped brand identity, is unveiling a new slogan, color scheme, and logo.

Dr. Lin Han, CEO and founder of, said:

“ continuously seeks breakthroughs and advancements while remaining steadfast in its determination to help develop and drive progress in the crypto industry. We believe that the new logo and color scheme reflect the lessons we have learned in nearly a decade of service to our users, as we continue striving to create an innovative brand that is open and accessible to everyone around the world.”’s New Brand Identity’s new slogan is “Gateway to Crypto.” One of’s X-factors is its diverse range of altcoin options. This slogan, followed by the sentence “Trade over 1,400 cryptocurrencies safely, quickly, and easily”, encapsulates’s key features – is a global multi-currency platform that anyone in the world can easily access to invest in a myriad of cryptocurrencies. This messaging positions as a formidable presence in key new and emerging markets.’s new logo features a 3/4 circle to represent the company’s inclusivity, security, and stability. The logo also has a “block” element, symbolizing blockchains. Together, the circle and block form the letter “G” for, showcasing’s commitment  to embrace the booming blockchain era to create a digital world that combines innovation, reliability, and security.

Moving forward, is adopting a new color scheme of blue and green,  which portray as an inclusive and mature brand with a platform that is equally accessible to everyone. Lite App and Mini App launch is also launching a notable update to its mobile app that allows users to opt for a “Lite App” version within its flagship app, offering streamlined and simplified in-app transactions for crypto trading. Through the Lite App, users can access a suite of essential, basic functions for different crypto assets on the go, such as viewing the market sentiment through easily understandable trend lines, the fiat currency deposit, currency exchange and basic account settings, etc.

The exchange is also launching a Mini App to allow users to navigate third-party crypto applications. The mobile Mini App is now live, while the web version is being fine-tuned. As’s range of third-party crypto app partners expands, different categories like online shopping, travel, gift cards, and ticketing can be accessed through the Mini App. This allows users to access multiple services without having to sign up for a third-party merchant account. One of the channels that is already live in the Mini App is the GameFi Centre, where users can enjoy GameBox, a collection of independent games.

Contests with US$9 million in prizes

Along with 9th birthday festivities, is launching a 9th Anniversary Series Campaign on May 27th, 2022, with a total of US$9,000,000 in prizes to be awarded.

For example, will release 9,000 Space Travel NFTs Mystery Boxes containing Space Travel NFTs of five rarity tiers. Users collecting the Space Travel NFTs have a chance to win a seat deposit for space travel, – find out more by keeping an eye on’s Space Travel NFT Mystery Boxes campaign.