Xchange Monster launches new crypto products for gamers and developers


Crypto platform Xchange Monster has launched two new products for the gaming industry with interaction platform Monster Exchange and Monster Wallet App.

Xchange Monster’s value-based ecosystem is powered by the $MXCH token, which is available for public sale as of May 1 for $0.675 per token. The $MXCH token allows users to fully benefit from the product suite by holding the tokens in the wallet or exchanging them on our exchange.

Xchange Monster’s value-based ecosystem connects players with operators and developers, strengthening the interaction between them. This unique platform solution is available through Xchange Monster’s new complete package for developers and the gaming community.

“We have a unique opportunity to bring together all elements of the gaming community on a single Web 3.0 platform. Our goal is to make buying and selling crypto straightforward and easy, while allowing for creativity with in-game NFTs,” says Managing Director Felix Honigwachs.

“We know that developers need to earn something to invest in even better gaming experiences. I’m most excited about the Monster Wallet app, because it not only contains crypto and NFTs, but also gives our worldwide community enormous value.”

The Monster Wallet app was developed for users to keep their in-game assets, like cryptocurrencies, safe and secure. Such assets can also be exchanged in-game, while payments can be received in cash instantly.

In the future, Xchange Monster plans to expand the Monster Wallet app to include NFT storage as well. Another advantage to using the Monster Wallet app is its cost-effectiveness, with transaction fees falling below the industry average.

Monster Exchange serves as an interaction platform for buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies. Operators can list their game coins on the Monster Exchange platform, which are then available directly in the Monster Wallet app.

“Since many users will also be registered on the exchange, it will be easier to ensure liquidity while improving various savings and credit options. Again, the security of user information and gaming ability is paramount. Therefore, Monster Exchange is licensed in Switzerland for both crypto and FIAT,” Honigwachs continues.


CCoin Network: Fiat/Crypto transfers at zero fees


CCoin Network was created as a real solution for banking and cryptocurrency issues: high fees, time required for payments execution, low security and loss of value.

CCoin Network Ecosystem is a Fintech group of companies with its own blockchain known as ‘SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain’, in which the main purpose is to change the financial functionalities to the benefits of its users. The system was created to have multiple functions, in which Cryptocurrency and FIAT, inside CCoin Network Core software allow almost instant interchange, without users interactions based on AI and SourceLess Blockchain .

The Blockchain MVP will be publicly released during the Public Sale of their token ccoinnet/CCOS (ERC20 on Ethereum Blockchain), starting 15 march 2021 .

Behind the project, there are 3 companies, CCoin Company LTD. – UK/Token Owner, SourceLess INC./USA Blockchain, and SourceLess Network SRL – Romania/Development.

As stated in CCoin Network’s Whitepaper, buyers will have not just a token but will also own stocks of the Blockchain – SourceLess INC corporation and personal/business – web addresses (STR.Domain). As they declared, CCOS are tokens, stocks-ownership proof and str.domain addresses-ownership proof .

The company held a Private Sale starting March 2020 which was successful, with a total 87% sold, to a +30000 members community from the entire quantity of CCOS disposed for the Pre-ICO. Now they are putting on the market an ICO, the quantity of 6.3 M CCOS .

CCoin Network will begin migration from Ethereum Blockchain to SourceLess Blockchain starting 15 July 2021 .

CCoin Network previously announced the following deals with other companies which will Beta-test payments through their Crypto-POS Systems, in which, fees are dissolved into the system and they are also testing the eligibility of – 5% fees based on post-mining additional tokens for each transaction so that can be used at cancelling negative value involved in each transaction. “The concept cannot be revealed at this point as we are getting the best version for financial sustainability,” stated founder Alexandru Stratulat.

The systems are now in testing. During the ICO, they will have weekly updates with test results.

CCoin Network’s team is growing and currently recruiting. Please visit their website for more information.

CCoin Founder Alexandru Stratulat created the architecture of the crypto-financial ecosystem in 2016.


Lion Announces Acquisition of Lion FinTech Group


Lion Group Holding Ltd. (“Lion” or “the Company”) (NASDAQ: LGHL), operator of an all-in-one trading platform that offers a wide spectrum of products and services with a focus on Chinese investors, today announced it will acquire 100% of Lion FinTech Group Limited for an amount to be agreed upon with a  definitive agreement expected to be signed by March 31, 2021. Through its subsidiary, Royal Lion Middle East DMCC, Lion FinTech holds a proprietary trading license for crypto assets in Dubai. The Company expects the acquisition to close in the first quarter of 2021.

Royal Lion Middle East DMCC holds its proprietary trading license with the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (“DMCC”), and functions as a central counterparty in the crypto asset market. Upon expected completion of the acquisition, Lion’s clients will have access to trade legal tender crypto currencies under regulated conditions, ensuring safe transactions. Royal Lion Middle East DMCC is the only license holder with DMCC that supports FIAT currency, which, following the acquisition, will provide Lion’s clients with an efficient and secure platform to exchange FIAT currencies with crypto currencies. With the license authorized for relevant financial activities and business resources, Lion plans to offer its clients crypto assets-backed trust funds as the best alternative avenue to invest in crypto assets.

Mr. Chunning (Wilson) Wang, Chief Executive Officer at Lion, commented, “This acquisition will bridge the gap between traditional financial markets and the crypto asset market, providing a simple and secure crypto trading platform for our clients. We believe the introduction of crypto trading will enable clients to implement more complex strategies with speed and efficiency, and unlock dynamic trading using smart contracts. Investors increasingly depend on speed and advanced capabilities to add incremental value to their portfolios, and we are excited to offer these tools to our clients following the expected acquisition of Lion FinTech.”

Mr. Wang Jian, Chairman of Lion, owns 100% of Lion FinTech Group Limited, the controlling company of Royal Lion Investment Limited (“RLIL”). An investment company owned by a member of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) royal family also holds equity interest in RLIL. RLIL wholly owns Royal Lion Middle East DMCC.