Givex Expands iFood Partnership to Launch iFood Card in Colombia


Givex Information Technology Group Ltd. (Givex), a global leader in omnichannel processing of gift cards, loyalty, and digital merchandise credit with more than seven billion reais already traded on its platform, and iFood, one of the most innovative foodtech companies in the world, are pleased to announce the launch of their highly successful iFood Card program in Colombia.

iFood is a leader in online food delivery in Latin America, driving more than 60 million monthly orders as well as providing business intelligence and management solutions to over 170,000 restaurants in 1,200 cities across Brazil. iFood has sold more than 10 million gift cards to Brazilian customers since migrating its iFood Card to the Givex platform in 2019 and is eager to repeat this success in Colombia.

Givex serves as a central platform, or ‘GivexHub,’ connecting all major B2C and B2B sales channels in Brazil with integrated business intelligence tracking the real-time performance of the iFood Card program in each channel.

“We are the partner that supports our clients even as they grow and their needs change. We look forward to working with iFood in this exciting new market and building on our mutual success in Brazil,” said Givex CEO Don Gray.

The iFood Card has many benefits for the B2B market in Colombia. Businesses can use the card to attract and retain talent, foster team engagement, and increase customer loyalty. Clients appreciate the many uses of the card, such as promoting virtual and physical happy hours, celebrating team achievements, and marking employee milestones.

The iFood card is exclusively redeemed for food in Colombia, and is accepted in 40,000 restaurants, bars and markets that are on the iFood app. “In just one month of operation, the number of companies buying the iFood Card in Colombia tripled,” said Paula Rabelo, director of growth for iFood. “By the end of March, we expect to sell 100,000 gift cards in the country. And today, on average, 3,500 small businesses already use the iFood Card,” she added.

Through Givex, iFood transformed the iFood Card into an omnichannel product, sold in mobile wallets and other digital marketplaces. By the end of 2021, companies were distributing the iFood Card to more than 60 million users of digital wallets and over 100,000 points of sale.

“We are always looking for partners who contribute to the innovation and pioneering spirit of our operation. Counting on Givex as a technology partner in the evolution of the iFood Card was fundamental for us to reach the results and continue this successful work,” emphasized Rabelo.

Givex is leveraging the technology and experience it developed over many years while supporting client locations in more than 100 countries to scale the expansion of the iFood Card program quickly and securely in Colombia. Key features, such as 24/7 Spanish support and currency conversion, are already in place because of Givex’s existing global footprint.

“Givex is very proud to be chosen by iFood to support this expansion. They have proven to be a real innovator in the foodtech space, and we are glad to help make their ideas a reality and offer our technology and business intelligence tools to achieve these incredible sales numbers for the iFood Card,” said Maria Costa, Managing Director Givex LATAM.

By bringing the iFood Card to Colombia, Givex and iFood look forward to building on past success and many more years of partnership.