GoNetZero™ survey shows Asia-based businesses have strong intentions but face challenges to decarbonise


GoNetZero™ today announced survey results highlighting the decarbonisation aspirations, challenges in sustainability initiatives and net-zero target actions of Asia-based corporates. The survey was conducted with members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore and European Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, which included multinational companies with Asia operations.

The survey results were announced at the Singapore Fintech Festival 2023, where GoNetZero™ is participating, and reflected the festival’s theme on how technologies such as artificial intelligence can help accelerate the transition to a low-carbon future.

Soon Sze Meng, CEO, GoNetZero™ said, “The survey findings provide a unique perspective on the progress and challenges faced by Asia-based businesses as they strive to meet their decarbonisation efforts. GoNetZero™ is committed to help companies bridge the aspiration-action gap between commitment, measurement and finally, clearly measured actions towards their sustainability goals.”

The net-zero aspiration-action gap

The surveyed businesses show strong intentions to decarbonise but face external and internal challenges contributing to the gap between their net-zero aspirations and actions. 67% has set net-zero targets while the remaining are still working on their strategies with no concrete actions in the next 12 to 18 months. The challenges include:

  • Insufficient knowledge on how to decarbonise (53%);
  • Difficulty in attaining budget approvals for decarbonisation initiatives (42%);
  • Inadequate clear measurement and reporting frameworks of carbon emissions (36%); and
  • Limited affordable renewable energy options to offset carbon emissions (23%).

The businesses also indicated that the aspiration-action gap can be addressed by a conducive policy environment, such as clear regulation, incentives and availability of government supported green initiatives that they can leverage.

Leveraging technology to accelerate decarbonisation

On the businesses’ attitudes towards leveraging technology to accelerate their decarbonisation journey, 77% are aware of technology solutions powering the renewable energy industry. They are most interested to understand how technology can optimise their physical assets and reduce their energy consumption, as well as to find ways to measure their carbon footprint.

However, the path towards decarbonisation can be complex.

Findings show that translating their decarbonisation aspirations into concrete actions require more internal education, accessible net-zero solutions, clear measurement, and reporting frameworks.

Simplifying the Decarbonisation Journey for Businesses

Through GoNetZeroConnect, GoNetZero™ provides a proprietary technology-driven end-to-end carbon management solutions for corporates to measure, abate, offset and report emissions. Ensuring seamless data integration, GoNetZero™ can build an ecosystem that is inclusive and open to collaboration across value chains and industries, including SMEs, whose access to often-costly external consulting services is limited.

By using technology to improve and automate carbon management, businesses can monitor and track their own emissions more effectively. This will empower them to initiate their energy transition planning and take a data-driven approach to identify solutions scaled to their needs and demands.

GoNetZero™ plays a crucial role in ensuring our energy transition efforts today remain relevant in the future and contributes to the future state of a carbon neutral world, as businesses journey towards the world’s collective, global goals.


GoNetZero™ Expands Service Capabilities into Europe and the UK


With significant demand for Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and carbon credits arising from Europe, GoNetZeroTM has expanded its service capabilities such as its environmental attributes marketplace and energy asset management platform, into the European and UK markets.

Having successfully built its presence in Asia, GoNetZero™’s digital marketplace offers one-stop access to verified and quality RECs and carbon credits that are highly sought after in Europe and the UK. The environmental attributes span different technologies, vintages, countries, and registries, and are sourced from Sembcorp’s portfolio of renewable energy projects. GoNetZeroTM also curates other environmental attributes including i-RECs, Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin scheme (REGOs), Non-Fossil Certificates (NFCs), J-Credits as well as nature- and technology-based carbon credits from its network of trusted partners, all of which comply with recognised certification standards.

To offer a streamlined end-to-end journey, GoNetZero’s platform enables the management of the entire lifecycle of RECs online – from issuance, trading and management to retirement. The platform is underpinned by blockchain technology, enhancing transparency and addressing issues such as double-counting. Powered by proprietary smart tools and data insights, the platform will enable informed decision-making as part of corporates’ decarbonisation strategies.

GoNetZero™ is the carbon management business of Sembcorp Industries, a leading pan-Asian renewable energy player listed on the main board of the Singapore Exchange.

Soon Sze Meng, CEO at GoNetZero™, said, “GoNetZero™ plays a big role in addressing the accessibility and transparency issues that hinder companies’ net zero and decarbonisation efforts today. Our solutions are easily accessible and scalable by all companies regardless of size and progress in the net zero journey, which empowers and enables them to decarbonise.”