Ethanim CEO Takaaki Ansai: The Metaverse must be Fully Decentralized


In a recent interview, Ethanim CEO Takaaki Ansai expressed his views on the development of the metaverse: “Many metaverse products or ecologies are still centralized, which could not be called real metaverse. Only the decentralized metaverse is safe, free and eternal, and that is the real metaverse.”

After years of development, the Internet industry has been in a difficult situation. The technological innovation is needed to enter a new round of growth. In 2021, the popularity of the metaverse concept gives people new hope. The new form of Internet, which brings together many new digital technologies, is leading a new wave of technological innovation. The metaverse concept application innovatively introduces a decentralized economic system based on blockchain. NFT becomes an important carrier of the whole system, which successfully bridges the virtual world and the real world. It makes the confirmation of assets and identity as well as circulation realizable possible.

“At present, although the metaverse concept application chain games in the market introduces a decentralized economic system, many chain games only make the digital assets or NFT assets on the chain. The chain game application itself is still deployed on centralized servers, which cannot avoid the situation of the user assets or game being manipulated by individuals or institutions.” Ethanim CEO Takaaki Ansai said, “Ethanim was born to solve the problem through trusted computing technology and innovative ecological logic. So that the whole of the application is on the chain. It helps the chain games implement decentralization to provide users with a real metaverse.”

It is understood that Ethanim is a new generation of public chains, which is a tailor-made metaverse to support the full decentralization of any large application. It uses an entirely new solution that is different from traditional blockchains. It creates a trusted execution environment and monitoring process for applications – RSM (Reliable State Machine). It places the nodes running applications within trusted constraints, regulates and monitors the code integrity and running state of applications, and ensures that the right applications are running in the right place.

At the same time, Ethanim introduces validators to validate the consensus of the reliable state machine, which ensures the decentralization and security of the system. This validation will be very simple, efficient, and does not affect the system performance, so that there is no need for multi-node consensus on the computation results. It solves the problem of inefficient consensus on complex computation from the origin.

In addition, Ethanim not only makes the nodes trustworthy, but also clones real-time snapshots of the applications and stores them in a distributed manner. The users’ behavioral information, digital assets, and virtual identities will be eternal. Even if the application developer modifies the application rules or suspends the running of the application, any community user can restore the application to an arbitrary state at any time. Therefore, Ethanim has historically made the metaverse applications eternal.

Ethanim enables applications to be “eternal” and “decentralized” by making them “trustworthy at runtime” and “recoverable by anyone when shut down”. With this new application decentralization solution, Ethanim creatively support the decentralization of any large application for the first time. It will become a metaverse infrastructure and portal.

After the launch, Ethanim will focus on the techniques to publish the test network online as early as possible. At the same time, Ethanim also looks for partners to lay a foundation for the future ecology of the metaverse.




Maison Hennessy is proud to announce its first-ever NFTs in partnership with, featuring Hennessy·8, a blend crafted to honor a time of transition.

Download high-res images and more information here

In 2017, the Maison’s 7th-generation Master Blender, Yann Fillioux, passed the torch to his nephew, Renaud Fillioux de Gironde, unveiling for the occasion a remarkable, highly symbolic blend. Crafted using one eau-de-vie from each generation of Hennessy Master Blender, Hennessy·8 now enters a new dimension as NFTs, with its first and last carafes presented as a dual drop on

Five years in the making, Hennessy·8 honors the arrival of a new generation and the Maison’s heritage of passing down its cognac-making savoir-faire. Exquisite, elegant, and subtle, it is a cognac that embodies 250 years of excellence, perpetual reinvention and shared expertise.

Numbered 1/250 and 250/250 respectively, these two NFTs present an exclusive opportunity to own remarkable moments in cognac-making history. Maison Hennessy will also open its doors at the Hennessy estate in Cognac, France to the buyer of the NFTs, as a friend of the House.

These unique NFTs are being offered exclusively through and represent the pinnacle of the art of cognac-making, whether for personal enjoyment, investment, or a future legacy. Upon purchase, the cryptographic version will be held securely by BlockBar, with a record of authenticity held on the blockchain as a digital certificate of ownership. The buyer may choose either to redeem the physical product and have it delivered from BlockBar’s secure storage facility, or to safely trade its NFT version within the marketplace.

“Hennessy is renowned for innovation and passing down know-how from one generation to the next, so we’re honored the Maison has chosen to partner with BlockBar to mark this innovative milestone with its first NFT,” comments Dov Falic, CEO and co-founder of BlockBar.

The Hennessy·8 NFTs come accompanied by both physical and digital attributes. A commemorative sculpture accompanies each purchase, along with a jewel-like copper key to open the physical chest, which cradles the carafe like a protective shell. The chest, designed by Arik Levy using oak staves sourced from La Sarrazine, the Hennessy cooperage, is made of 25 layers, each one symbolizing 10 years of Hennessy’s history. An elegant companion toolbox contains 4 tasting glasses originally designed by glassmaker Georg Riedel and Yann Fillioux 30 years ago; these have been re-edited exclusively for Hennessy·8. A pipette made of oak barrel wood and a cork holder are also included. A keepsake brochure describing the genesis and spirit of Hennessy·8, a personalized authentication plate and a numbered certificate signed by Yann Fillioux complete the presentation of the Hennessy·8 legacy cognac.

The two Hennessy·8 NFTs available to one buyer only, priced at 70.47 ETH (approx. $226,450.00), will drop on Wednesday 12th January 2022 via At 9:30 AM EST, a lobby will open for users; to gain access a user must have 1 ETH in their wallet and have it connected to the site. At 10:00 AM EST, all users in the lobby will be shuffled into random order. BlockBar will then proceed through the queue. Each person at the top of the queue has 10 minutes to submit a deposit of 1 ETH and then a further 48 hours to submit the remaining balance. Full Terms & Conditions may be found on The NFT may be purchased from BlockBar with Ethereum (ETH) or by credit card.

Please join Hennessy and BlockBar on Instagram Live (@thecarsonchan) on Tuesday 11th January at 9:00pm HKT, and Twitter Spaces (@BlockBarNFT) on Wednesday 12th January at 9.30AM EST to find out more about this exclusive drop.