Huawei chosen by R.Power Group to supply Smart String Inverters for 390 MWp utility solar portfolio in Poland


Huawei has recently been selected by R.Power Group, one of the largest players on the Polish PV market, to supply 390 MWp of its world-leading smart string inverters for numerous utility-scale solar projects in Poland.

According to the contract, three types of Huawei’s utility-scale PV inverters — SUN2000 215KTL-H0, SUN2000 185KTL-H1, and SUN2000 105KTL-H1 — will be utilized to maximize the performance of 390 MW portfolio of solar projects. The field-proven performance, such as high efficiency, low failure rate, and high energy outputs, gives Huawei Smart PV solution an edge over other standard solutions.

R.Power Group was awarded the contract to sell electricity generated from the 390 MWp portfolio of projects in the auction of renewable energy sources (RES) carried out in the last dozen or so months.

“We are honored to be a key player in Poland’s fast-growing utility-scale PV industry. Our success is largely attributed to the highest quality of equipment and service we deliver. In the implementations of our projects, we usually cooperate with industry leaders – both foreign ones, such as Huawei, which will provide us with inverters, and Polish ones, such as Nomad Electric, a company that will be responsible for the construction, operations, and maintenance of the plants,” says Przemek Pieta, President of the Management Board of the R.Power Group.

“We have been working side by side with R.Power for many years to implement utility-scale solar projects in the demanding Polish market. These solar farms built by R.Power will supply hundreds of gigawatt-hours of electricity yearly, accelerating Poland’s transition to a low-carbon economy. Huawei is known for its start-of-the-art Smart PV solutions and we are glad that they are appreciated by more and more customers in Poland and around the world,” commented Maciej Bąkała, Business Development Manager at Huawei Digital Power.

Huawei has been developing the SUN2000 series solar inverters since 2013, continuously improving them. The company was the first in the world to provide support for bifacial modules and solar-following systems, and to use machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms for remote diagnostics and fire risk reduction. Today, Huawei has a leading track record in implementing AI technologies into PV, including AFCI and Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis, helping customers achieve more long-term benefits. In addition, Huawei’s solutions enable intelligent management of a PV power plant through precise data collection and analysis.