Shanghai Electric’s EW8.X-230 Recognized One of the Top 10 Offshore Turbines of the Year 2022 by Wind Power Monthly


Shanghai Electric has announced that the company’s EW8.X-230 wind turbine generator has been named one of the Top 10 Offshore Turbines of the Year 2022, according to the latest report by Wind Power Monthly, a leading global publication covering the wind industry. The accolade came after Shanghai Electric’s EW8.X-230, the company’s next-gen offshore turbine based on the Poseidon platform, was recognized as one of the most innovative products by China’s Top 50 turbine manufacturers in September 2022.

Developed by Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group Co., Ltd., EW8.5-230 is the company’s latest semi-direct drive wind turbine targeting China’s coastal areas with medium and low wind speeds. The generator is equipped with 100-meter carbon fiber blades and intelligent Sensor Roller technology, and adopts digitized design, production and O&M across its entire lifecycle. The newest LeapX control system reduces the operational load of the generator while establishing an intelligent interconnection with Shanghai Electric’s Fengyun (iWind) system.

Designed to operate with high reliability and stability in low-speed wind conditions, the generator is a highly cost-effective solution for wind energy. With its cutting-edge technology and advanced design, the EW8.X-230 is poised to set a new standard in the offshore wind energy industry, going a long way toward enabling China to meet the targets of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality as it strives to achieve offshore parity.

The generator achieves a greater yield while maintaining exceptional reliability, thanks to its highly integrated new-generation semi-direct drive chain technology. In addition, Shanghai Electric’s years of technological innovation and breakthroughs for the whole unit and core components have allowed the company to provide a solution that significantly reduces kilowatt-hour costs across the whole life cycle of wind farms.

With a rotor diameter reaching 230 meters, EW8.X-230 boasts the largest rotor diameter among the installed turbine models and has a swept area equivalent to the size of 5.8 standard football pitches.  The larger size allows for a significant increase in power output. Based on an average annual wind speed of 7.5 meters per second, the turbine is capable of generating 28 million kWh annually, meeting the annual electricity demand of approximately 14,500 households while reducing coal consumption by nearly 10,000 tons and carbon dioxide emissions by 24,000 tons.

As of now, forty-seven semi-direct drive EW8.5-230 wind turbines have been connected to the grid in the eastern Chinese province of Shandong. Lasting for 121 days, the project set a world record for the shortest construction period of a wind farm above 399.5MW. It has been labeled as the first offshore parity wind power project in the “14th Five-Year Plan” of Shandong and one of the key projects under the supervision of the provincial government. It is also a wind farm featuring commercial turbines with the world’s largest rotor diameter.


Shanghai Electric New Energy Development Established To Accelerate the Expansion of Green & Low-carbon Business


The inauguration ceremony of Shanghai Electric New Energy Development Co., Ltdwas held on July 15, marking the accelerated expansion and growth of Shanghai Electric’s green, low-carbon business.

During the ceremony, Shanghai Electric Group announced its renewable energy roadmap alongside agreements with five partners to jointly develop renewable energy projects, in addition to establishing strategic partnerships with over ten financial institutions and industry partners to build a financial ecosystem for the renewable energy sector.

Shanghai Electric, a leading global integrated manufacturer of high-end equipment, has been building new comprehensive power systems and a complete solution for futuristic zero-carbon industrial parks in a move to take the lead in helping the Chinese government achieve its de-carbonization goals.

The Chinese government’s carbon peak and carbon neutral policies, also known as the dual carbon goals, is a systemic change that is expected to have a broad and profound impact on both the economy and the whole of society while building a zero carbon society.

As a response to China’s 14th Five-Year Plan, the company has developed a roadmap that focuses on the development of wind, solar, hydrogen and storage energy projects, alongside industrial intelligence, high-end medical equipment, and other new businesses.

The establishment of the renewable energy entity is a vital step in the right direction. The new company has received a total investment of RMB 3 billion, including RMB 2 billion from Shanghai Electric Group and RMB 1 billion from Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group each, and is aimed to become the most integrated and innovative provider of renewable energy projects and full lifecycle services.

With the domestic market as the initial area of expansion and an eye on expanding into international markets, Shanghai Electric New Energy Development will be committed to building a full lifecycle service platform for a renewable energy future by developing wind, solar, storage, thermal and hydrogen energy projects, as well as expanding the source-grid-load-storage integrated business. Based on the platform, the firm plans to create integrated solutions centered around system optimization, streamlined equipment, and intelligent control systems, providing strong support to the quality-driven development of Shanghai Electric Group’s renewable energy business.

In the future, Shanghai Electric intends to focus on promoting industrial intelligence and the application of technologies while facilitating interactions between the energy and the industrial internet. Furthermore, the company plans to advance sustainable industrial development globally through the use of technologies by collaborating with government-owned parks, business customers, venture capital firms, technology partners and financial institutions, with the ultimate goal of creating a better world for all.

Fengxian District Party Committee secretary, Li Zheng, and Shanghai Electric Group’s Party Committee secretary and chairman, Leng Weiqing, both delivered speeches at the inauguration ceremony and welcomed the start of the new business.

In attendance were several government officials and top management executives, including Fengxian District Party Committee deputy secretary and mayor, Yuan Quan; Shanghai Electric’s Party Committee deputy secretary and president, Liu Ping; Bank of China Shanghai Branch general manger, Zhang Shouchuan; Shanghai Guosheng Group’s Party Committee secretary and chairman and Shanghai Guosheng Capital Management chairman, Shou Weiguang; Shanghai Electric Power Construction’s Party Committee secretary and chairman, Jiang Lindi; and China Merchants Bank executive VP and Shanghai Branch general manager, Shi Shunhua.

In addition, other executives from Shanghai Electric Group and major financial institutions, including banks, and securities firms and trust companies, as well as several journalists were also part of the ceremony.


Shanghai Electric’s MSCI ESG Rating Upgraded to BB, Highlighting Its Continued Improvement on ESG Developments


Shanghai Electric (the “Company”) (SEHK: 02727, SSE: 601727), the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of electric power generation equipment, industrial equipment and integration services, has been granted an upgrade to BB for its MSCI ESG Rating, as the Company has been putting efforts in advancing its new energy solutions and labor management.

Shanghai Electric is focusing on developing its strategy of ESG, which refers to the environmental, social and corporate governance factors in measuring a company’s sustainability and societal impact on investment. Last year, the Company established an ESG management committee, prioritizing ESG measures among its overall strategy and including the committee in its corporate governance structure.

The MSCI’s move to upgrade Shanghai Electric’s ESG rating to BB reflects the Company’s long-standing value of environmental protection and its engagement in the field of renewable clean technology. Given its involvement in renewable energy as well as energy storage and smart grids, the Company is “well poised to benefit from China’s move to boost clean and lower-carbon energy as part of its efforts to cap carbon emissions by 2030,” as mentioned in MSCI’s rating report.

Shanghai Electric’s interim results underscored its efforts in ESG developments. In the first half of the year, it gained a 40.75% year-on-year increase in new orders for energy equipment, integration services and industrial equipment combined. Within new energy equipment, its orders for wind power equipment increased by 505.9% year-on-year.

MSCI has given a positive assessment toward Shanghai Electric’s business in clean technology. MSCI stated in the report that the Company attained opportunities to participate in clean tech markets mainly due to its involvement in advanced nuclear power generation technology; coal-fired supercritical thermal; gasturbine IGCC power generators; wind and solar power generation equipment; and smart grids, as well as wastewater treatment.

To ensure stable and quality production as well as the physical and mental health of its employees, Shanghai Electric has built a sound labor management system. Accommodations for overseas staff, which offer them safe places to work efficiently and have proper rests amid the COVID-19 pandemic, were set up.

Shanghai Electric also values the safety of its employees. Since January this year, the Company has worked with local partners to establish a specialist virus prevention and control team to protect staff while working on-site such as locally-hired personnel in Dubai and Bangladesh to receive fact sheets and advisory handbooks with on-site safety training in both English and Arabic.

MSCI pointed out in the report that Shanghai Electric is “less likely to experience workflow disruptions due to labor unrest or reduced productivity due to poor job satisfaction.”

Meanwhile, Shanghai Electric is making efforts to prioritize its digitalization reform. “We are actively shaping and carrying out internal reforms to go digital and smart as we strive to meet the standards set by our international peers,” said Cheng Yan, Executive Director and General Manager of Shanghai Electric Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

The Company’s latest achievements in digitalization include its upgraded SEunicloud platform, which won the world’s first industrial intelligence award at the 2020 World Artificial Intelligence Conference Summit earlier this year. Equipped with smart supply chain solutions designed to directly match factory production with power plant demands, the one-stop platform is established to empower smart wind power operation, remote thermal power operation, machine tool maintenance, energy storage and distribution.

Building upon all its sustainability efforts, Shanghai Electric will further integrate ESG measures into its business operation to comprehensively improve its environmental, social and governance-related practices for the coming years.

SOURCE Shanghai Electric