Ethio Telecom selects HyperSense Fraud Management


Subex, a pioneer in driving AI-led Digital Trust, announced that it has been selected by Ethio Telecom to deploy its Fraud Management solution. The solution, which is built on Subex’s AI orchestration platform, HyperSense, will replace Ethio Telecom’s existing legacy fraud management system, thereby enabling them to move from a traditional rules-based approach to an AI-first approach. This approach will, in-turn, enable them to detect new and unknown threats in real-time.

Ethio Telecom is Ethiopia’s leading integrated telecommunications solutions provider, with over 50 million subscribers. The telecom operator has recently launched a pre-commercial 5G network within the country. In order to sustain its market leadership by providing high-quality, and innovative offerings, Ethio Telecom wanted to enhance and broaden its risk management strategy by having a holistic defense mechanism.

With Subex’s AI-first Fraud Management system on HyperSense, which leverages AI in every step of the Fraud management process, Ethio Telecom will now be able to bring in enhanced accuracy, coverage, and time-to-detect. These capabilities will, in turn, enable the operator to adopt a proactive approach to combatting risks such as SIM Box, Spoofing, SMS frauds, roaming frauds, subscription frauds, device frauds, Mobile money risks, Credit Risk Management, etc. Furthermore, with its earlier deployment of Subex’s Business Assurance, Ethio Telecom will now be able to consolidate its Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management approach to ensure the breaking down of silos and enhance operational efficiency.

With Subex’s Fraud Management solution on HyperSense, Ethio Telecom will be able to:

  • Improve fraud coverage across their various business lines
  • Leverage Explainable AI capabilities to enhance customer experience
  • Make quick data-driven decisions with advanced visualization and dashboarding capabilities
  • Cater to new business requirements with the system’s scalability and elasticity
  • Benefit from rolling upgrades, i.e., eliminate long and expensive upgrade cycles
  • Reduce TCO with open-source components and low hardware footprint

Commenting on the partnership extension Shankar Roddam, Whole-Time Director & Chief Operating Officer, Subex, said, “This win marks another chapter in our long-standing relationship with Ethio Telecom and it comes close on the heels of our recent Business Assurance deployment. With the implementation of our fraud management solution coupled with the existing Business Assurance solution, Ethio Telecom will now benefit from a holistic risk management approach as they gear up to provide 5G services. Today, our risk management portfolio sets itself apart by adopting an AI-first approach to mitigate threats accurately and faster.

Ethio Telecom has consistently been at the forefront of adopting proactive measures to combat telecom risks and safeguard their business and customers. Towards this, the operator recognizes the value of an approach which places AI at the core. We at Subex feel privileged to be working with Ethio Telecom to empower them in this fast-changing landscape.”

Commenting on the solution from Subex, Tsegaye EmmanuelChief Information Security Officer, Ethio Telecom said, “For over two decades, Subex has been in the market leaders’ group in the fraud management space. This fact, coupled with the success we have seen through the deployment of their Revenue Assurance (currently Business Assurance) solution have made them the ideal partner of choice in our fight against telecom risks. I believe that, in the future, as the threat landscape evolves, Subex’s AI-first fraud management system will be vital in safeguarding our business and customers. We see this as a future-proof investment that aligns with our digital services initiatives.”


Ethio Telecom selects HyperSense for 5G Business Assurance


Subex, a pioneer in Digital Trust, announced a partnership with Ethio Telecom, the leading telecom operator in Ethiopia, to provide its Business Assurance solution on its Enterprise AI platform, HyperSense. Through this engagement, Ethio telecom will expand its Revenue Assurance practice into Business Assurance using the solution’s easy-to-use control building framework and enhance decision making through the platform’s ability to operationalize AI at scale.

Ethio Telecom is Ethiopia’s leading integrated telecommunications solutions provider with more than 50 million subscribers. As the telecom operator looks to cement its leadership position in the market and enhance its competitive advantage, Ethio Telecom is undergoing network infrastructure and system enhancements to pilot 5G networks in the coming year. Subex’s 5G-ready Business Assurance offering will enable Ethio Telecom to be on the cutting edge of risk management automation.

As part of its vision to be a 5G digital services provider in Ethiopia, Ethio Telecom wanted to enhance their Revenue Assurance solution to align with their digital transformation project. The operator also wanted a solution to ensure agility scalability to meet expansion requirements as they introduce new services built on 5G. In a fast-changing environment, Ethio Telecom wanted a Technology partner who could engage with agility and scalability as a key proposition. Ethio Telecom selected Subex based on the success of its existing partnership and the future-proof capabilities of Subex’s AI platform, HyperSense.

Through the deployment of the solution, the operator will now be able to ensure a comprehensive business assurance coverage spanning from concept to cash.

With Subex’s Business Assurance solution on HyperSense, Ethio Telecom will be able to:

  • Leverage AI as part of its Business Assurance vision
  • Benefit from rolling upgrades i.e. eliminate long and expensive upgrade cycles
  • Improve coverage across their entire product portfolio
  • Proactive approach to Business Assurance, thereby minimizing losses & mitigating risk

Commenting on the partnership extension Shankar Roddam, Whole-Time Director & Chief Operating Officer, Subex, said, “We have been a long-standing strategic partner to Ethio Telecom, and we are pleased to be a Strategic partner and expand our engagement with this win. Ethio is accelerating its journey towards 5G and is thereby transforming its systems to be a digital provider. As the operator moves towards 5G and looks to assert its market leadership with new competition coming in, Ethio Telecom understands the need to safeguard its business from various revenue and cost-related risks. For operators like Ethio Telecom embarking on a transformative journey, it will be mission-critical to make fast and accurate decisions towards ensuring profitability and risk mitigation. By upgrading to Business Assurance on the HyperSense platform, Ethio Telecom can now leverage the solution’s AI orchestration and cloud-native capabilities to ensure they reduce any form of risks to their revenues. It gives Subex immense pride to continue as Ethio’s Digital Trust partner in their journey.”

Commenting on the solution from Subex, Tsegaye Emmanuel – Chief Information Security Officer at Ethio Telecom said, “Subex has been a trusted partner to Ethio Telecom across the last 8+ years, and they have successfully helped us enhance our risk mitigation approach. Considering our vision to pilot 5G in the coming year and enhance our growth strategy, we were looking build a more powerful and enhanced Business Assurance practice built on advanced AI and analytics capabilities to support our new digital services. Owing to our existing relationship with Subex and the success we have witnessed, we are delighted to expand this partnership. Subex’s Business Assurance on HyperSense platform will provide a robust foundation based on our strategic pillars of customer experience, innovation, people-oriented, and excellence in operations to efficiently achieve our long-term goals.”


Subex Launches HyperSense, an End-to-End Augmented Analytics Platform


Subex, a pioneer in Digital Trust, today launches HyperSense, an end-to-end Augmented Analytics platform that helps enterprises make faster, better decisions by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) across the data value chain.

Developed based on Subex’s extensive data analytics experience, HyperSense contains all the Augmented Analytics capabilities enterprises need in one flexible and modular platform. HyperSense’s unique no-code capabilities allow users without a knowledge of coding to easily aggregate data from disparate sources, turn data into insights by building, interpreting, and tuning AI models, and effortlessly share their findings across the organization.

First defined by Gartner, Augmented Analytics uses enabling technologies such as machine learning and AI to assist with data preparation, insight generation, and insight explanation. It empowers experts as well as non-data scientists by automating many aspects of data science, including model development, management and deployment of AI models.

AI is still in the early stages of meaningful adoption in most businesses. Enterprises eager to harness the promise of AI and machine learning technology typically encounter multiple roadblocks such as demonstrating proof of value through nimble pilots; the absence of an integrated AI and data stack, and a lack of AI skills.

HyperSense solves all these challenges through five powerful yet modular studios:

  • Data Management Studio gives users one-place access to batch and streaming data across multiple data formats and lets them search, enrich, structure, and validate the data collected from across the business;
  • Business Modelling Studio allows users to apply rules and run data audits in real-time, profile information, monitor and forecast business KPIs;
  • AI Studio adds AI capabilities such as model building, model diagnostics, explainable AI, and hyperparameter tuning;
  • Business Intelligence Studio visualises the data analytics output for fast insights and easy sharing;
  • Process Automation Studio allows users to create actions and workflows to drive forward decisions based on the data insights.

HyperSense also includes a number of pre-built analytics use cases in marketing, finance, and technology verticals for enterprises to deliver ultra-fast results. In addition, customers can use the HyperSense platform to build their own tailor-made, AI-powered analytics applications.

The cloud-native platform can be integrated with existing data management infrastructures or implemented as a standalone, plug-and-play data analytics solution.

Suresh Chintada, Chief Technology Officer, Subex, comments: “Most enterprises struggle to implement AI with business value at its centre. Instead, AI initiatives are driven by data science teams, with little alignment between the priorities of business and IT. We developed HyperSense to address this – it gives organisations more autonomy, wider access to AI and machine learning, and puts more power into the hands of business users. With this game-changing platform, businesses will be able to truly democratise AI and turn data into reliable insights with greater speed and efficiency, supporting elastic business models and significantly accelerating their business transformation.”

HyperSense is a no-code, elastic, cloud-native platform built on open-source technology and can be deployed on-premises, in a hybrid infrastructure, or in any cloud environment. The platform is designed to help enterprises augment ROI from analytics and increase efficiency across the entire data value chain.


Subex joins O-RAN Alliance to help accelerate the adoption of open radio access networks


Subex, a pioneer in Digital Trust, announced today that it has become a member of the O-RAN Alliance to support the development and standardisation of Open RAN (radio access networks). With its expertise in advanced network analytics based on machine learning, Subex joins the alliance to help drive innovation in the radio access network domain – ultimately facilitating Open RAN that leverages embedded artificial intelligence (AI) to maximise network performance.

The O-RAN Alliance aims to transform the RAN industry towards an open, intelligent, virtualised, and fully interoperable mobile network ecosystem. The alliance is responsible for creating O-RAN standards and reference architectures to enable a more competitive and vibrant RAN supplier ecosystem with faster innovation. Today, O-RAN Alliance has become a world-wide community of mobile network operators, vendors, and research and academic institutions.

According to Dell’Oro Group, by 2025, 10% of the total RAN market will be captured by Open RAN hardware and software. ABI Research has predicted that Open RAN Capex spending will overtake traditional RAN spending by 2028. Leading European telecommunications operators including Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefónica and Vodafone have already committed to deploying Open RAN as part of their 5G rollouts.

The open standards promoted by O-RAN Alliance will allow the development of open interfaces and faster deployment of radio access networks by leveraging technologies such as AI and real-time analytics. As 5G moves towards becoming mainstream, Open RAN at the network edge is expected to benefit applications including autonomous vehicles and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

Suresh Chintada, CTO, Subex, comments, “As of today, Subex has proven its vendor-agnostic capabilities catering to use cases that alleviate the critical business challenges faced by network planning and optimisation teams, via its capacity management solution. Through its innovative AI-first approach, Subex helps network teams achieve a higher level of efficiency and accuracy in making smart decisions, resulting in the maximisation of return on network investment and customer experience enhancements. As a next step towards evolving our solution, we are proud to be working with the O-RAN Alliance. Within the alliance, Subex will be extensively involved in working groups related to RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) and will bring innovation using machine learning and deep learning technologies. Open RAN brings considerable innovation potential to the telecommunications industry. The joint effort of all vendors involved in the alliance will greatly accelerate innovations in the space, and we’re excited to be part of it.”

The O-RAN Alliance was founded in February 2018 by AT&T, China Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, NTT DOCOMO, and Orange, and has since become a global community of mobile network operators, vendors, and research and academic institutions operating in the RAN industry.