Winner of Hogeman Speedrun Tournament Tesla Edition Goes Home with $55,000


Virtual Pangea’s Discord channel was overflowing with excitement and adrenaline on Saturday, April 23, when ten players were competing live in Hogeman game Battle Royale grand finale for a Tesla Model 3 or $55,000 worth of Eth.

The three-hour event – hosted live on Youtube by Youmuus and streamed on Twitch by Lauren Burch – was the triumphal end to the Virtual Pangea’s three-month-long Hogeman Speedrun Tournament Tesla Edition, with the ten winners taking home $63.000 worth of prizes.

It was a true nail-biter of a race viewed by over 6,000 people, watching Bartek Polak (@Light1323) from Poland, winning the grand prize with an overall speed run game record time of 24 minutes and 10 seconds.

“The experience was amazing! As I was beating my previous scores, I felt nostalgia, adding the smallest details to improve by just milliseconds”, said Polak, the winner of the tournament. “Hogeman is fun to play, as long as you keep exploring and developing new strategies. I was nervous during the live event, but the fact that each of the ten players were winners of Virtual Pangea prizes made me just go for it and do my best…and it worked!”

Competition was tight, with second runner-up, Antons Fridrihs (@Thesviborg), Latvia, finishing with 24 minutes and 37 seconds and winning $3,000 worth of USDC, followed by PhD in Physics graduate Harley Rutherford (@MoodyTornado), Australia, finish third place with only a 10 second difference and a prize of $2,000 worth of USDC.

“Well done to all ten competitors for their game and their comradery. Our hard work of making this final event an enjoyable and thrilling experience for our audience and Hogeman Club members has paid off,” commented Dani Chear, CEO at Virtual Pangea. “We’re pleased with the outcome, seeing the social platforms attendance and interactions, the friendships that were made and the level of preparation and strategy the contestants had to put in when playing Hogeman.”

The Speedrun Tournament – Tesla Edition, started in the middle of January 2022, when Hogeman Club NFT owners got an exclusive invite to invest in one of the unique NFTs in the collection and try their skills at speed running through nine levels, while fighting one evil crypto boss at a time. The ten best times on the leaderboard, announced at the end of the tournament on April 15, qualified for Battle Royale.

Between April 15-23, the “fantastic ten” had a warm-up week to complete all nine levels and play their best times. On the day of Battle Royale each player had 10 minutes to beat the mighty InfluencerX boss in level nine, with the entire world watching them do this live.

The Speedrun Tournament Tesla Edition is the first in a series of Hogeman tournaments that aims to bring together 2D indie gaming powered by Web3 technology. Being the owner of one of the 760 NFTs in the Hogeman Club collection opens a world of possibilities and pre-events promotions that will include future gaming Hogeman tournaments. To stay up to date with what’s coming, check out Virtual Pangea’s Cryptic Pixel game studio that has just launched its website.


CoinPayments Set to Remain Leading Crypto Payment Processor Finds D-Core Survey


Emerging technology research company D-Core released its latest analysis reviewing the future of the cryptocurrency landscape, calling for CoinPayments to remain the leading crypto payments processor in 2026.

D-Core’s report surveyed 161 experts, asking them: “Which crypto payment processor will definitely be operating in five years time?” Of those surveyed, 37% picked CoinPayments, giving it the top spot. The other crypto payment processors included in the report were Bitpay (29%), BTCpay (19%), SpicePay (13%), CoinGate (1%), among others.

“It is great to be recognized as a top crypto payment processor among experts in the industry,” noted Jason Butcher, CEO of CoinPayments. “Since 2013, our aim has always been to fuel crypto adoption and the most effective way to give digital assets their rightful place as mediums of exchange is by enabling businesses and consumers to use them for everyday purchases.”

The report’s timely release comes as notable companies like Paypal and Tesla announce that they will be facilitating crypto payments for customers. Crypto adoption is steadily on the rise as more businesses come to understand the benefits that come with accepting crypto payments.

“D-Core’s focus is on providing unique information and insights into emerging technology companies and projects in blockchain, decentralized finance, and payments,” noted D-Core founder Kevin Mudd. “As more people look for information on crypto and payments, we aim to help to uncover tomorrow’s disruptors in the space to help institutional investors, family offices, hedge funds, and main street investors make wiser investment decisions.”