Xinhua Silk Road: JOMOO gears 5G smart factory for upgraded China-made intelligence and quality


A special event themed on smart manufacturing was held in Quanzhou city by JOMOO, a well-known kitchen and bathroom fittings brand from east China’s Fujian Province, welcoming media observers to visit its smart factory up close to experience the charm of China-made intelligence and quality.

The observing group, headed by Chinese famous business writer Wu Xiaobo, visited the 5G digital industrial center, intelligent glaze workshop, and intelligent molding workshop, among other key areas of JOMOO smart industrial park where the final products such as smart toilets were produced in a digitalized manner.

JOMOO boasts a world leading kitchen and bathroom smart factory where intelligent production line has overthrown traditional ceramic manufacturing mode thus injecting new momentum into traditional sectors, according to Wu, who is known for extensive research in enterprise history and company development cases, now active in voicing out as a “product recommender” to promote Chinese brands and domestic products.

JOMOO has well demonstrated intelligent and digital production, which has a far-reaching impact on promoting industrial upgrading, Wu noted.

It is noted that JOMOO initiated 5G cloud manufacturing and realized digitalization throughout sales to production for full control over safety and zero-inventory business model. Also, JOMOO ceramics smart institute, a demonstrative project and the world’s first fully automatic ceramic production technology research base, has increased production efficiency by 65 times.

In the meantime, JOMOO takes lead in rapid Customer-to-Factory (C2F) customization, creating scenario-oriented smart kitchens and bathrooms that are comfortable, convenient and caring for customers. “Customers now prefer customized solutions to scattered product purchases in a bid to best utilize space and annotate quality living choices”, said Lin Xiaowei, JOMOO vice president.

In fact, JOMOO has such C2F customization applied to various products and achieves high efficiency of 1-hour Design Finish and 24-hour Produce Finish. Enterprises should keep up with the market and timely respond to customer needs, according to Lin, noting that “speediness” would be one of the major focuses of JOMOO in the future.

JOMOO has been dedicating on innovation in terms of quality, technology, marketing, talent and management over the past 30 years, striving to upgrade traditional kitchen & bathroom industry into a sci-tech empowered emerging industry, according to Lin Xiaofa, Chairman with JOMOO.


Xinhua Silk Road: Digital Vitality and Beautiful City Forum Held in NW. China’s Xi’an on Sunday


A forum themed on “Digital Vitality and Beautiful City” was held in Xi’an, the capital city of northwest China’s Shaanxi Province on Sunday.

The forum, held during the 2020 4th Global Programmers’ Festival, invited experts and enterprise representatives to conduct in-depth discussions on topics such as smart city technology trends, international cooperation, and digital empowerment of traditional industry transformation and upgrading.

According to Shan Zhiguang, director of the Informationization and Industrial Development Department of the State Information Center, urban development driven by multiple elements of digital technology will continue to advance toward the goal of being more humane, intelligent and convenient.

Blockchain has gradually entered all walks of life and will support the development of smart cities, said Wei Kai, deputy director of Could Computing & Big Data Research Institute with the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT).

As for the international cooperation on smart cities, Mushahid Hussain Sayed, Senator of the Parliament of Pakistan and member of the Research and Development International (RDI) Expert Committee, said that the cooperation between China and Pakistan in smart cities focuses on creating the clean and green environment, using facial recognition software to ensure the safety of the city, as well as special applications related to health, population and tracking of epidemics.

Councilor Anwar Adams, President of the Democratic Independent Party of South Africa, believed that the cooperation between China and South Africa in the core technology research and development and standard application promotion of smart digital cities will be further strengthened in the future.

The digital empowerment for industry transformation had also been a hot topic.

In recent years, Shaanxi Blower (Group) Co., Ltd., one of the blower manufacturers in China, has made efforts in intelligent digital transformation through institutional reforms, intelligent manufacturing and capital finance, promoting the company to become a world-class smart green energy enterprise, according to Jia Yani, deputy general manager and chief engineer of the company.

Facing the new market structure, the liquor industry should explore new marketing channels and gradually establish an organic interaction between distributors and the market to promote the development of e-commerce system driven by service and create a wine industry communication platform, said Gao Hongtao, deputy general manager of Shaanxi Xifeng Liquor Co., Ltd.