Xoxoday announces a partnership with Comviva to enhance customer engagement solutions

Xoxoday, a leading global technology platform for employee, channel and customer engagement, has partnered with Comviva, the global leader in experience and data monetisation solutions. The partnership aims to provide better solutions for customer engagement by integrating Xoxoday’s innovative global rewards platform with Comviva’s solutions.

This partnership brings together two expert teams, allowing both partners to offer a greater variety of loyalty technologies and rewards to their clients. With this partnership, Comviva MobiLytix Rewards is poised to significantly upscale its current solution, delivering an unparalleled spectrum of reward redemption options to its customers across channels.

The customers shall have the flexibility to choose from a diverse selection of over 21,000 rewards within a catalog that spans across over 20 categories in more than 100 countries worldwide. This will allow customers to avail rich rewards, enjoying real-time customer experiences that seamlessly integrate both points accumulation and reward redemption.

Implementing a rewards and loyalty program that is personalised to each individual is a key challenge for businesses. It can be cumbersome to keep the programs exciting and the rewards catalog fresh and appealing while facilitating reward redemption across multiple vendors. This is where the partnership between Comviva and Xoxoday provides a seamless end-to-end experience to our customers.

“We are excited to partner with Comviva to furnish enhanced engagement solutions to customers. Our platform will empower Comviva to distinguish itself within its competitive landscape by offering an unparalleled and immersive experience to its valued customers” said Ashwin Mandre, VP of Partnerships at Xoxoday.

Commenting on the partnership, Amit Sanyal, EVP & Chief Operating Officer, Consumer Value Solutions at Comviva said, “This partnership between Comviva and Xoxoday highlights our joint commitment and shared vision to enrich customer engagement and loyalty experiences. Xoxoday solutions complements our Customer Loyalty and Rewards platform by significantly expanding reward options across both traditional and digital touchpoints. With this wonderful partnership, we take a major leap towards empowering our customers with unmatched customer loyalty experiences that promise best-in-class choice, convenience, flexibility, and global reach.”

The partnership between Xoxoday and Comviva is expected to drive innovation in customer engagement solutions and provide a better customer experience to their clients.


Xoxoday makes waves globally with recognition in sales performance management industry report


Xoxoday has been recognized in Forrester’s landscape report, ‘The Sales Performance Management Landscape, Q4 2022’. Forrester defines SPM platforms as “Automated solutions that help optimize incentive compensation, territory coverage, and quota assignment for direct and indirect sellers.” This recognition follows Xoxoday being named in Forrester’s Channel Software Tech Stack 2021.

Talking about how sales and revenue operations leaders can best use SPM solutions, it states, “You can use sales performance management (SPM) to increase sellers’ motivation and effectiveness, optimize sales territories and quotas, and align sales execution to the business strategy.

Commenting on evolving needs from an SPM solution, Forrester’s report states sales & revenue operations leaders will expect that, “SPMs turn data into predictive insights” and “planning mandates a more shared and collaborative experience.

Xoxoday’s incentive compensation & commissions management platform, Xoxoday Compass, helps businesses to drive more revenue and transform their largest sales expense into a business growth driver. Xoxoday’s incentive automation solution differentiates itself with unique gamification modules that keep sales teams, channel partners, & gig workers engaged and motivated.

Xoxoday is already well-placed to address the future needs of sales leaders, with in-built communication & engagement channels and advanced analytics with powerful insights. Xoxoday successfully integrates with a universe of leading CRM solutions, communication, & productivity tools, seamlessly slipping into the flow of work. Further, with an automated payouts infrastructure that minimizes delays and errors, the platform ensures sales teams can focus on what’s important – making sales.

Xoxoday will continue innovating to serve the sales performance management needs of businesses across industries, scale, & geographies. Explore Xoxoday’s platform with a personalized demo today.


Four exciting products from Xoxoday to help organizations experience the joy of gifting this Diwali


Xoxoday announced the launch of its Festive season campaign through four differentiated and curated gifting products for businesses. Xoxoday’s products encompass physical gifts, digital gifts, experiences, and a combination. Through these offerings, Xoxoday aims to bring uniqueness and novelty to corporate gifting.

The four curated products for businesses to choose from are:

  • Youforia, Experiential Gifting: Delivering celebrations with a handcrafted experience, blending the joy of personalized physical gifts and the convenience of a digital store.
  • Ecommerce Gift store: Organizations can build and curate their own gift store and catalog.
  • Festival Gift codes: A universal gift code that works on a galaxy of gift cards, experiences, merchandise, travel, prepaid cards & more.
  • Festival points: Delivering compounded happiness by gifting points.

Xoxoday’s products are all powered by a massive catalog with 22,000+ options across 20+ categories and are redeemable in 100+ countries.

As a leader in this space, Xoxoday deeply understands the challenges that corporates face in festive gifting. Businesses must strike a delicate balance between ensuring that the recipient is delighted and handling the entire gifting process. These include delivering on time to a workforce spread across geographies, offering a budget-friendly yet broad catalog of gifts customized to the recipient’s choices, and personalization.

On one side, Xoxoday enables organizations to delight their recipients by gifting choices and memories. Organizations are empowered to choose and customize their own catalog, offer physical gifts, digital gifts, experiences, and tailor-make a combination of these three.

While on the other side, Xoxoday also solves all the challenges faced through the gifting process to make the experience hassle-free for organizations. All of Xoxoday’s gifting products come with assured and seamless delivery, have no minimum order constraint, allow for personalization and customizations, are discreet on pricing, and have easy access to reports & metrics.

Speaking about what Xoxoday has to offer this festive season, Manoj Agarwal, Co-founder, Xoxoday, says, “Last festive season, we delivered 2 million+ Diwali across the globe for our 2500+ customers and their employees, clients, and partners. This year we are back with highly differentiated offerings to help organizations spread cheer and delight. After all, the intention behind gifting is to delight. We help businesses fulfill this intention by enabling thoughtful, personalized, and a joyful gifting experience: for the recipient and the giver.”


Exclusive Perks and Discounts Feature from Empuls by Xoxoday to help organizations extend employee paychecks with everyday savings


Empuls, the all in one holistic employee engagement platform, today announced the launch of its Employee Discounts feature as a part of its Perks and Benefits platform. This feature is available as an add-on with the Empuls engagement platform. Employee Perks and Discounts allow organizations to promote financial wellbeing through exclusive discounts for people’s planned and unplanned, monthly and annual expenses.

Here’s a short illustration of how Empuls Employee Discounts work. Consider the examples of Priya and Ruhi, who work as marketing professionals for two different firms, with an annual CTC of Rs.14,00,000. They both have a family of four, spouses who have a similar CTC, and similar monthly expenses of Rs. 44,000/month (Rs. 5,28,000/year). They both take two vacations a year and buy similar household equipment. The only difference is that Ruhi’s company has subscribed to Empuls Perks and Discounts, and as a result, she saves at least Rs. 1,00,000 every year on all her expenses.

Here’s a breakup of their yearly expenses and savings:

Yearly Spend


Ruhi (Empuls
Employee Perks &

Planned Expenses


Rs. 180,000

Rs. 180,000  Rs. 169,200


Rs. 54,000

Rs. 54,000  Rs. 48,600


Rs. 72,000

Rs. 72,000 Rs. 69,840


Rs. 72,000

Rs. 72,000 Rs.65,520

Health & Personal Care

Rs. 102,000

Rs. 102,000 Rs. 77,520


Rs. 48,000

Rs. 48,000 Rs. 43,200

Total Essential Expenses

Rs. 528,000

Rs. 528,000 Rs. 473,880

Discretionary Expenses

Vacation Travel

Rs. 600,000

Rs. 600,000 Rs.564,000

Household Equipment

Rs. 100,000

Rs. 100,000 Rs. 90,000

Total Discretionary Expenses

Rs. 700,000

Rs. 700,000 Rs. 640,000

Total Yearly Expenses

Rs. 12,28,000

Rs. 1,228,000 Rs. 11,27,880

As the adage goes, A rupee saved is a rupee earned. ConsequentlyRuhi’s company has helped extend her annual income from Rs. 14,00,000 to Rs. 15,00,000.

Empuls offers the world’s largest discounts catalog with 20,000+ brands across 25+ essential categories, including groceries, household necessities, dine-outs, food delivery, wellness, travel, entertainment, and more. Hence, Ruhi always gets exclusive savings on all kinds of shopping, travel, and experiences – anything and everything is less expensive for her.

Today, 10+ people-first companies have transformed their hardworking Priyas into happy and motivated Ruhis by helping them save through Empuls Employee Perks and Discounts.

Designed to help employees beat inflation, augment their savings, and increase their purchasing power, Empuls Employee Perks and Discounts, in parallel, enable organizations to go beyond their regular mix of benefits and provide a fillip to their employee retention strategy. Furthermore, by including Empuls Employee Perks and Discounts as part of the employee benefits package, organizations can improve their employee value proposition. Importantly, Empuls Employee Perks and Discounts are one of the few benefits that positively and frequently impact employees’ lives.

Speaking about this feature launch, Manoj Agarwal, Co-founder of Xoxoday, said, “Our Employee Perks and Discounts feature is a low investment, high ROI feature that helps organizations enhance their EVP. It empowers people-first companies to help their employees save a little more and put money back in their employee’s pockets.”

To help companies move the distance from intention to action, Empuls also has a handy calculator to calculate and visualize the savings. Empuls Employee Perks and Discounts offers an ROI of more than 10x for the organization.

Apart from launching employee discounts across multiple countries, there are other exciting plans in the roadmap for the Empuls Perks & Benefits platform, such as adding exclusive coupon codes and cashback offers from popular brands.

Manoj added, “People leaders today are trying to balance the act between proactively offering innovative and meaningful employee benefits, the balance sheet, and fostering employee loyalty. As a benefit that touches every employee’s life daily, our Employee Perks and Discounts also play a role in nurturing a positive relationship between the employee and the employer.”


Xoxoday launches Employee Appreciation Week (EAW) Celebrations: An initiative to make employee appreciation an organization culture


Employee Appreciation Day (Mar 4) is just around the corner. It is that time of the year again when employees take center stage. This year, Xoxoday is on a mission to spread awareness and help create a culture of everyday recognition within the organization. To enable the same, Xoxoday has launched a week-long ((Feb 28th – Mar 4th) celebration: Employee Appreciation Week (#EAW2022).

Xoxoday’s idea is to help every organization switch from “it is nice to appreciate employees once in a while” to “genuinely celebrating employees all year long.” Through this initiative, Xoxoday proposes to help HR, the culture custodians, make a splash on March 4th and beyond – by creating wow-worthy moments during the Employee Appreciation Week (Feb 28th – Mar 4th) that sets the tone for the rest of the year. To do so, they have created a curated tool kit that includes fresh ideas to celebrate employees, tools for empowering everyone to spread the spirit of gratitude, and enjoyable activities to engage and strengthen work relationships.

In order to spread the word about Employee Appreciation Day and to help organizations create a culture of appreciation, Xoxoday is inviting Co-founders, HR, and Culture Champions to join hands and make this Employee Appreciation Week a big success.

Manoj Agarwal, Co-founder, Xoxoday, says, “Employees are the biggest assets of any organization. A daily dose of appreciation is a step towards acknowledging their value “