Tally Technology rolls out Game Center gamification platform for NBA and NFL teams

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Tally Technology (www .playtally .com), the premier global fan engagement platform, has created and delivered a new Game Center gamification experience, designed to engage with a broader-than-ever cross-section of sports fans.

Live with leading NBA and NFL teams, Game Center provides an immersive gaming platform featuring various team-themed playing experiences that can be enjoyed by a wide range of different fan types.

Tally’s new Game Center technology provides a customizable gamification solution that aggregates thousands of game types to connect with every kind of audience. Teams, leagues, broadcasters and brands can consolidate all of their fan engagement programs in one location for sophisticated segmentation and targeting, with all consumer interactions linking to a single user ID.

Game types that can be utilized include pick’em, trivia, bingo, word searches and skill-based sports contests, with more to come. The games are set to increase fan engagement and stickiness, attracting new audience segments through fresh experiences and creating new sponsorship opportunities.

There is also a strong community element, with players able to challenge friends to play in a private group.

Brad Vettese, CEO of Tally, said: “It is a privilege to be able to deploy our comprehensive Game Center platform solution, which we believe will be a major hit with the full range of fan types.

“With multiple games, including everything from trivia contests to word puzzles, we are delighted to be delivering a project which will appeal to the broadest audience possible and create actionable data insights. We believe it is a technology with huge potential across a variety of sectors and we look forward to seeing how it performs for the benefit of one of the world’s biggest sporting franchises in the NBA, NFL and beyond.”

Founded in 2018, Tally has powered gamification programs for some of the biggest names in sports in North and South America. These include the NBA (Lakers, Grizzlies, Hawks); NFL (Packers, Rams, Bills, Seahawks); NHL (Blues, Kings, Oilers, Panthers, Wild, Sabres); and MLB (Twins). Its solutions have also featured in Super Bowl LVI as well as within CONCACAF, for the Women’s Championship and 2023 Gold Cup.

Utilized by sportsbooks, broadcasters, leagues and teams worldwide to drive fan engagement and retention, Tally’s fan engagement platform is purpose-built to create new revenue streams through sponsorship activations, player conversion and data creation.

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