and Kappa announce partnership and introduce Change the Game collection

Reading Time: 2 minutes and Kappa brand announce partnership, the first stage of which is going to be the participation of the team in the brand’s new campaign — Change the Game. Later this year, a joint collection of Kappa and will also be presented.

Club’s players in CS:GO, Jame, Qikert, FL1T, n0rb3r7, fame took part in the campaign dedicated to the release of the new Kappa spring collection. The photo set immerses everyone in Kappa Virtual Hub, an inspiring environment where real abilities and talents become super skills. Players open new doors for themselves and each one of them sets his own rules of the game. The digital avatar of Kappa, representing the female part of the capsule, becomes the companion of the players in the virtual world. She tells the heroes about the principles of the virtual space and watches how they reveal their capabilities.

“Modern day esports players are in constant motion, development, and search. This brings them close to the values of the Kappa brand. They do not stop there, they learn and try new things to become better, to show that they are the ones to create the rules of the game. Even now, esports players are changing the perception of reality before our eyes, blurring the lines between the physical and digital worlds, thereby bringing us closer to the futuristic universes that we tell our audience about from season to season. It has always been important for us to be able to cooperate and support people whose goals and interests we share. Therefore, the partnership with, one of the biggest esports clubs in the world, is a huge and significant step for Kappa as a brand. It will allow us to contribute to the development of both the club itself and the entire industry as a whole, and will make the world of the future that we talk about so much even more real,” said Anton Chesnokov, Kappa Senior Brand Manager.

“Kappa is a global brand that has been around for over 100 years and supplies equipment to a huge number of sports clubs around the world. But even with such a solid background, Kappa remains an innovator in the world of sportswear. It doesn’t simply follow modern trends, but also sets them. Therefore, we are pleased that Kappa is transferring its historical heritage to the digital world with such a large-scale collaboration in the territory of esports, and doing it together with We are confident that the club’s fans will appreciate the results of our cooperation, because style and passion are what unites us with Kappa,” said Nikolai Petrossian, CEO of

Kappa’s new collection is inspired by some of the classic models and the brand’s football heritage. The collection is made in recognizable colors: black, white, gray and blue. Solid color silhouettes are accompanied by brand logo print and color-block coloring.

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