WePlay Esports Invitational talent crew announced

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The host, analysts, and commentators of the first Rocket League tournament by WePlay Esports are revealed.

The WePlay Esports media holding company has announced the talent roster for the WePlay Esports Invitational featuring Rocket League. The tournament is to take place on September 16–19, 2021, with the broadcast held from the WePlay Esports Arena Kyiv.

The first tournament day will start at 16:30 CEST with the preshow, and the first match between Team BDS and Vodafone Giants will take place at 17:00 CEST.

English-speaking talent crew:


  • Thomas “F.” Badinger

Casters and analysts:

  • Adam “Lawler” Thornton
  • Sean “Stax” Stackhouse
  • Jason “SUP3RSoN1K” Burns
  • Corey “Digital Bacon” Dyer
  • Stephen “Tylacto” Griffin
  • Sean “Spaceman” Rogers

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