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Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is fast becoming the leading destination for esports in the UK, with its premier esports arena, Copper Box Arena, at the centre of this rapidly growing industry. The arena has already hosted major esports tournaments featuring popular games such as Apex Legends, League of Legends (LoL Esports), Gran Turismo, and Call of Duty, drawing in avid esports fans from all over the world.

  • Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park welcomes esports epic League of Legends 20-day tournament at Copper Box Arena.
  • The leading innovation campus, Here East, on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, is now home to a thriving esports community.
  • The global games market has more than doubled in value from $70.6Bn in 2012 to $180.1Bn in 2021.
  • Hub of esports education with courses at Staffordshire University London based at Here East and College of Esports at Lee Valley VeloPark.

This month, the arena, which is operated by Better, the charitable enterprise, is working with League of Legends Esports (LoL) to host the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational (MSI). This is one of many high-profile events taking place at the third-largest arena in London annually.

LoL Esports is the fastest growing global sport and the pinnacle of competitive gaming with more than 100 professional esport teams and over 860 players. Accessible around the globe on 30+ TV and digital platforms, it is one of the most-watched forms of sports entertainment globally.

The 7,500 seater arena’s flexibility enables it to accommodate the diverse event set-ups different esports events require from a full auditorium, to accommodating event and expo combined, from end stage to centre stage to projection onto the field of play itself.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said:

“It’s clear that Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is a global leader in esports. The Park is harnessing this growing industry, becoming a hub for skills training and jobs in the sector, and helping to create a better, more prosperous London for all. The eyes of the gaming world will be on the Copper Box Arena this month, as tens of thousands of visitors take part in the exciting programme of events, with millions more joining in online.”

Lyn Garner, Chief Executive of the London Legacy Development Corporation, said:

“Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park has become a leading destination for esports in the UK. The Copper Box Arena is the perfect venue to host these global spectaculars playing to an audience of millions around the world.  With many events choosing to return year after year, the Arena has established itself as the capital’s prime esports venue.

“This phenomena is about much more than the events, with courses for people wanting to develop their skills and a growing cluster of businesses offering a career in the sector. We are creating an ecluster that benefits the London and UK economy as well as having a reputation as a world leader in this high-tech, fast moving industry.”

It also marks two years since the publication of a landmark report by Here East and supported by the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) which outlined a roadmap to create a world-class esports cluster that will drive job creation and bring an industry worth $180bn globally to east London. The innovation campus, based in the heart of East London, has been instrumental in promoting the sector and positioning the park as a hub for this rapidly growing industry.

The campus is home to a world leading production, broadcast, tournament, and program design hub, specifically serving the global esports community. As well as Staffordshire University London who are offering undergraduate degrees in digital courses, centered on the gaming and computer sectors. Lee Valley VeloPark, home to the College of esports, is also a key part of the growing esports cluster in the park, providing state-of-the-art facilities for esports athletes and enthusiasts.

Gavin Poole, CEO of Here East, said:

“We are proud that Here East is playing a fundamental role in shaping how the next generation of talent learn about esports, gaming and the industries of the future. Alongside our partners and the businesses and academia based on campus, we are truly realizing East London’s potential to establish a globally significant urban testbed delivering on ideas that are going to power the future economies.”

Miles Eady, Commercial Events Manager at Copper Box Arena, said:

“I am excited to see the rise of esports on Queen Elizabeth Olympics Park and hugely proud to be part of the emergence of Copper Box Arena as the UK’s premier esports venue. The convergence of traditional sports and gaming creates a dynamic and inclusive space for all to come together and compete at the highest level.”

Esports has garnered immense popularity, with viewership for events rivalling that of traditional sports, and the park is at the forefront of embracing this global phenomenon. As esports continues to capture the hearts of many, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is positioning itself as a leading destination for esports in the UK, offering a dynamic and cutting-edge environment for esports tournaments, athletes, and fans alike.

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