Nanocosmos is on the way to boost player engagement for live casino and sports betting with adaptive, data-driven interactive live streaming at SBC 2022, Barcelona, Sep 20-22, 2022, Booth M22

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The wellestablished, Germanybased provider for iGaming and betting operators will demonstrate its award-winning live streaming platform and API nanoStream Cloud with new coverage for improved Quality of Service and Quality of Experience and continue the focus on reliable integrated B2B interactive live streaming to be available on mobile and around the world.

Adaptive Streaming available for all users

Nanocosmos makes adaptive streaming a priority for its presence at SBC Barcelona this year. Live Transcoding and Adaptive Bitrate Playback (ABR) are now accessible to enable smooth streaming for all clients and free trial accounts. This enhances the adaptive streaming service not only by making it much easier for customers to manage their live transcoded streams, but also enabling uncomplicated access to the passthrough stream and live transcoded streams with different video quality levels. Adaptive Bitrate Playback and Live Transcoding are critical features for smooth playback on all devices for any network in any region. In addition, the new dashboard and API improve also usability and support for ABR. The ABR focussed features are laid out for operators to provide a seamless streaming experience for players and to unlock the full potential of interactive live streaming content that is available in all regions. In combination with the new player for subsecond latency, nanoStream Cloud is now positioned to cover both as part of the standard package: Interactive live streaming with the possibility to achieve subsecond latency, including live transcoding and adaptive playback.

Enhanced measures for endtoend observability and secure streaming

Furthermore, nanocosmos will Illustrate how nanoStream Cloud serves usability, reliability, security, and additional datainsight. The established interactive live streaming platform for iGaming and betting operators now added the streaming protocols SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) and WHIP (WebRTCHTTP ingestion protocol) to its portfolio which are available next to the established RTMP ingest protocol. nanoStream Cloud, the unique combination of an ultralowlatency live streaming CDN, browserbased player and advanced analytics, hereby continues to highlight the focus on optimized Quality of Service and Quality of Experience for a 100% stable and reliable system.

To allow gaming and betting operators to better observe the performance of their streamed content, Nanocosmos upgraded its nanoStream Analytics platform with an enhanced data logging and search backend. Customers will gain improved insights on streaming performance and respective parameters from ingest to playback. This benefits service and viewers’ experience. Customers can access additional data made available via API or dashboard. nanoStream Cloud users can now ingest using the RTMP, SRT and WHIP protocols for WebRTC ingest for improving connectivity, especially for remote ingest locations and higher bitrates.

One of the focussed areas of this year’s product development at Nanocosmos has been stream security. In that regard, the provider continues to build on the features that were added in spring 2022 the interactive live streaming platform and API now benefit from added misuse protection; it is possible to block specific IPs and websites that are using content inappropriately via both: API and dashboard.

“From ingest to playout to support and datainsight, nanoStream Cloud integrates all areas needed for B2B interactive live streaming and to continuously improve 100% stability, reliability and customer success. iGaming and betting operators no longer have to compromise quality of service, quality of experience and ease of use to engage their audience with interactive content. Our commitment is to provide interactive
streaming of high quality; our updates redefine interactive experiences based on the reliability and stability that our customers are used to”, says CEO Oliver Lietz.

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