Regal Gaming Confirms £20 Million Pub Investment Across Gaming, Jukebox and Pool

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Regal Gaming Technologies continues to support its growing national customer base courtesy of a £20 million investment in the latest revenue-generating equipment totalling in excess of 2,500 digital gaming machines, jukeboxes and pool tables.

Over the last twelve months, the company, which is part of the Merkur UK family of brands, has purchased in excess of 2,200 Blueprint Ultramax cabinets, over 100 NSM Lightning jukeboxes and more than 300 pool tables.

The Joint Managing Director for Regal Gaming Technologies, Matt Bicknell, confirmed that the national operator will be purchasing another 2,000 Ultramax cabinets along with a further 200 pool tables during the remainder of 2023 to see his firm become one of the leading supporters of the manufacturing sector’s single site supply chain.

“Alongside a premier service delivered by a dedicated and highly professional team, product investment is a key pillar of the Regal Gaming Technologies proposition,” said Bicknell. “The battle to win consumer disposable income has never been more intense and our role courtesy of a forensic procurement process is to identify and secure the very best pay-to-play equipment that’s available and thereafter to use our leading technological capabilities and industry knowledge to maximize machine income on behalf of our customers.”

Investment in the latest Category C gaming equipment has taken the proportion of Regal Gaming Technologies’ digital portfolio up to 96 percent, a factor which Bicknell believes has improved the player experience and with it, machine income.

“Pub players want and seek out the type of entertainment experiences they can access at home courtesy of the huge advances that have taken place in consumer electronics,” said Bicknell. “The digital revolution has provided a huge number of player benefits not least the delivery of high-definition graphics shown on large screens.

“It also represents a much more dynamic offering. Whilst players enjoy traditional games, they also have an appetite for new content, new themes and new ways to win. Digital gaming means that new content can be instantly downloaded on a monthly basis enabling pubs to grow their machine income and due to the variety of content that’s available to also grow their player base. We are seeing the emergence of what can be described as the omni-channel player and the variety of game content provides consistency and familiarity for customers who might also play machines in bingo halls and high street gaming entertainment centers.

“Accurate and real-time data is an essential part of what our customers need. Regal Gaming Technologies has invested substantial time and resource into the development of our Nexus reporting platform, which provides our customers with huge benefits in terms of daily reporting on such things as collection and refill data, monitoring content performance, power on/off events and machine utilisation to name but a few. We are committed to an on-going investment program that enables us to maximize performance and provide our customers and players with the very best product-mix in the industry.”

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